News : Portsmouth Photographer Using Art to Protect NH's Environment

Jul 30, 2010


By Michael Samuels 

Portsmouth artist Tim Gaudreau became an eco-artist and activist when he learned that the picturesque fog he was taking a picture of in a California valley was really smog drifting in from L.A. “I had been hoping that people would be moved by my images to enjoy, respect and even protect the landscape that was easy to see as so beautiful,” the award-winning photographer said. “The time for subtly had passed. I then decided that I had to change my work from passive action to direct activism.”

Now, Gaudreau says, “I strive to use my work as a tool for generating discussion about environmental issues.”

With the green, sustainable Tim Gaudreau Studios, run out of a barn next to his house in Portsmouth (“to reduce my daily commute to zero”), he produces art and installations to more directly bring attention to our impact on the environment. His best-known piece – in several variations, as installed as a collage in several galleries – is the self-explanatory Self Portrait as Revealed by Trash: 365 days of photographing everything I threw out (2004).

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