News : Deerfield Business Wins Cornerstone Award

Jul 30, 2010

Published and The Forum

By Jim Cavan

In less than a decade, builder Shane Carter and his team at Ridgeview Construction have made their home-construction business one of the greenest and most sustainable anywhere in New England. So it wasn’t a surprise when Ridgeview was recently awarded the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of New Hampshire’s Cornerstone “Gold” medal for new and custom homes in the $450 to $600K price range. The annual prize, while certainly not expected, did not come as a total shock: Ridgeview is booked solid. For Carter, such success amidst tough economic times provides vindication for Ridgeview’s unique and progressive business model.

“I think our success and appeal has a lot to do on the one hand with the green, sustainable niche in which we operate,” says Carter. “But primary to that is the fact that we just do quality work period, regardless of materials, not to mention the high level of customer satisfaction. So really it’s all of these things in tandem.”

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