News : July 2010

Deerfield Business Wins Cornerstone Award

Jul 30, 2010

Published and The Forum

By Jim Cavan

In less than a decade, builder Shane Carter and his team at Ridgeview Construction have made their home-construction business one of the greenest and most sustainable anywhere in New England. So it wasn’t a surprise when Ridgeview was recently awarded the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of New Hampshire’s Cornerstone “Gold” medal for new and custom homes in the $450 to $600K price range. The annual prize, while certainly not expected, did not come as a total shock: Ridgeview is booked solid. For Carter, such success amidst tough economic times provides vindication for Ridgeview’s unique and progressive business model.

“I think our success and appeal has a lot to do on the one hand with the green, sustainable niche in which we operate,” says Carter. “But primary to that is the fact that we just do quality work period, regardless of materials, not to mention the high level of customer satisfaction. So really it’s all of these things in tandem.”

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Portsmouth Photographer Using Art to Protect NH's Environment

Jul 30, 2010


By Michael Samuels 

Portsmouth artist Tim Gaudreau became an eco-artist and activist when he learned that the picturesque fog he was taking a picture of in a California valley was really smog drifting in from L.A. “I had been hoping that people would be moved by my images to enjoy, respect and even protect the landscape that was easy to see as so beautiful,” the award-winning photographer said. “The time for subtly had passed. I then decided that I had to change my work from passive action to direct activism.”

Now, Gaudreau says, “I strive to use my work as a tool for generating discussion about environmental issues.”

With the green, sustainable Tim Gaudreau Studios, run out of a barn next to his house in Portsmouth (“to reduce my daily commute to zero”), he produces art and installations to more directly bring attention to our impact on the environment. His best-known piece – in several variations, as installed as a collage in several galleries – is the self-explanatory Self Portrait as Revealed by Trash: 365 days of photographing everything I threw out (2004).

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Newmarket Considers Solar to Meet its Power Needs

Jul 28, 2010

From Foster's Daily Democrat
By Geoff Cunningham Jr.

NEWMARKET — Town officials are considering entering into a public/private partnership that could see solar arrays being placed on the top of several municipal buildings in what would be an effort to harness electricity savings through the sun's rays.

An effort to buy wholesale power has already saved the town upward of $14,000 with a new initiative aiming at giving taxpayers even more bang for their buck if a local firm is able to generate solar energy that could be used by the town with excess power being a potential source of revenue.

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Crescent Snow uses Magic Salt to eliminate salt runoff related problems

Jul 26, 2010

Magic Salt is a bi-product of the distillation process of vodka mixed with Magnesium. It is 90% less corrosive, works at a lower temperature, almost no damage to the environment, and only 50 to 60 percent is required to do the job regular salt would.  You are reducing everything from fuel, to salt, to cost with this product. Magic Salt will stay around for a few weeks after application to continue protecting against snowstorms. 

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Green Alliance business partner, The Warehouse Clothing Outlet, featured in article from online source

Jul 26, 2010

This could be the year that Earthtec outerwear makes a name for itself and helps save landfill space in the process.

It’s been three years since the offshoot of parent firm Trailtex started creating clothing out of recycled plastic. It estimates each fleece jacket, for instance, is made from 12 used water bottles that won’t be sent to a landfill.

After gradually adding styles each year, a full collection of Earthtec vests and jackets is available and on display in its showroom on West Road. The firm plans an aggressive marketing campaign.

It will continue to sell to retailers such as the Kittery Trading Post, but hopes to focus on direct online sales to customers through its website.

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NH group backs clean energy plan

Jul 26, 2010

From The Nashua Telegraph

By Cameron Kittle

John Thornton, an Iraq veteran from Nashua is among a small group of New Hampshire residents in the nation’s capital who want to deliver a powerful message.

Thornton, who took took two days off work as a software engineer at BAE Systems to fly down to Washington, considers the country’s energy policies and its dependence on oil as a risk to national security.

“The reason why we are involved in Iraq in the first place and can’t find a way out is because our current energy policy relies so much on foreign oil,” he said. “We’re going to keep losing people fighting for oil resources until we can move off of that.”

Thornton, 29, is among a group of 13 New Hampshire residents who came to Washington on Wednesday to push for legislation on clean energy.

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Green Alliance takes message to nation's capital

Jul 26, 2010

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

Since its 2008 inception, the Green Alliance has made a name for itself on the Seacoast — partnering with 85 sustainability-minded businesses from across industries and sectors. Last week, the group took its message national.

Last Tuesday, Clean Energy Works hosted an American "Clean Energy Fly-in" to Washington, D.C. For three days, more than 200 business owners and concerned citizens from 21 states descended on the capital to lobby the Senate to pass clean energy legislation this year.

Included in the group's New Hampshire delegation was Green Alliance founder and director Sarah Brown.

Green group takes message to D.C.

Jul 26, 2010

From Fosters Sunday Democrat

By Jim Cavan

Since its 2008 launch, the Green Alliance has made a name for itself on the Seacoast helping member firms increase their green profile.

Last week, group founder and director Sarah Brown took the message national. She joined Clean Energy Works in a "Clean Energy Fly-in" to Washington, D.C. For three days more than 200 residents, business owners and concerned citizens from 21 states descended on the capital to lobby the Senate to pass comprehensive clean energy legislation this year.

Brown said the trip painted a vibrant picture of how far the green movement has come.

"A few years ago this group would have been made up almost entirely of environmentalists. But you're seeing people from all across business and industry who have come to realize that the green movement is as much about creating jobs and stabilizing the economy as it is about the environment," said Brown.

Smartphones make mixing work and play easier

Jul 15, 2010

By M.J. Shoer

With summer comes some long-awaited outdoor activities, including vacation for many.

While you may not want to equate vacation with technology, the reality is that many of us, myself included, work while on vacation or mix vacation with work. Personally, I try to be better about this each year, and I'm making good progress on that, but the reality is that one rarely unplugs these days.

Now the philosophy and psychology aside, if you do mix vacation with work, technology can certainly make the endeavor a whole lot less intrusive on your time and your family or friends.

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Could bank financing be an alternative energy breakthrough?

Jul 12, 2010

From Portsmouth Sunday Herald

By Michael McCord

As Jack Bingham discovered in his quest to find a banking partner, sometimes the right and obvious proposal takes a while to be embraced.

Bingham, president of Seacoast Energy Alternatives Solar Store (SEA), realized a while ago he needed one more product to offer his customers the complete package. His store, which is part of a growing national retail store chain, USA Solar, is focused on the alternative energy market and has an expanding product line, from solar electric systems to composting to solar water heating. He had the company expertise for custom design and installation. And, he added, the state and federal grant and tax credit incentives were starting to make a difference and helping to level the playing field.

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Bob's Clam Hut seeks to serve up 'green' seafood

Jul 12, 2010

From Portsmouth Sunday Herald

By Jim Cavan

When it comes to staples of New England Americana, you'd be hard pressed to find a more worthy and noticeable icon than Bob's Clam Hut.

A Route 1 staple since Bob Kraft first opened its doors — or walk-up window, as it were — back in 1956, Bob's has grown into a quintessential area eatery, offering some of the finest, fastest and freshest fried fish fare anywhere on the Seacoast.

On a typical summer day the parking lot spills over, the line bends near around the since-expanded building, and the smell of golden fried eats wafts so far adrift even Route 1 passers-by can't ignore it. Bob's has been featured in Restaurant Business Magazine's "Best of Everything" list, and it recently completed filming a spot for Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

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Exeter High School Will Soon Have the State's Largest Solar Array

Jul 1, 2010

From New Hampshire Public Radio

By Amy Quinton 

Next month, Exeter High School will sport the state’s largest solar photovoltaic array. The 100 kilowatt system is just part of a comprehensive energy project designed for the Exeter Region Cooperative District.

As New Hampshire Public Radio’s Amy Quinton reports, a unique partnership with Revolution Energy allowed the district to do the project with no upfront capital costs.

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