News : Dealership Sees Interest in Green Mowing Options

Jun 9, 2010


EXETER, N.H. (June 2, 2010) — Ten years ago, when electric lawn mowers were first put to market en masse, very few retailers offered the cleaner, greener option.

Now, a decade later, electric lawn mowers have become more reliable, more capable, and — perhaps most importantly — more affordable. But while the popularity may have grown and the technology improved, one thing hasn't: Then, as now, Exeter's Perkins Lawnmower is offering the latest in green mowing options.

Perkins, a third-generation, Exeter-based family purveyor of lawn equipment and maintenance services, is a business that has literally grown with the technology. It started back in the early 1950s, selling and servicing reel push mowers — the ancient dinosaurs you'd expect to see on the Flintstones and have been relegated to collecting dust in barns and basements.

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