News : 2 Ceres Street strives to protect natural resources

May 5, 2010

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

She's been a mechanical engineer, a speech-language pathologist and went to culinary school, then became a pastry chef. She studied textile and design in Philadelphia and then well, how about going for an MBA in Sustainability?

When Marlisa Geroulo says, "I like to learn new things," she follows through, mastering whatever she sets out to learn. Right now, that's designing the restaurants she owns with husband John Golumb — Poco's Bow Street Cantina and 2 Ceres Street both right next to each other in Portsmouth. In each, she's creating environments people can feel good about being in using natural elements, sustainable practices, and plenty of lovely, welcoming touches.

2 Ceres Street opened two years ago and the cozy yet elegant martini bar has become a popular place to start or end a Portsmouth evening. With its warm, living-room feel, it's welcoming and a good place for a sip, a dish and some chat.

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