News : Regeneration Park, 'Simply Green' idea: Firm to craft Zero Energy Building

Apr 26, 2010


By Dave Choate

You'd never suspect while driving by that the red and white building at 3612 Lafayette Road will soon be green all over.

Regeneration Park, the brainchild of Simply Green Biofuels, is slated to be one of the first facilities of its kind in the area, a Zero Energy Building (ZEB) that strives to consume zero net energy and emit zero net carbon.

The ambitious project will bring together the world of business with an eco-friendly mind-set involving solar panels and energy-use monitoring, all set against the backdrop of the busy corridor connecting Portsmouth and the southern New Hampshire Seacoast.

Andrew Kellar, founder and owner of Simply Green, said his firm has long sought a visible location like this one, which had the space to be shared with like-minded businesses. Though it will be connected to the electrical grid, there is a hope the building will generate enough of its own energy to offset any energy uses.

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