News : Businessman, fundraiser has green outlook

Apr 21, 2010

From the Nashua Telegraph


By Kathleen Callahan

The 1,600-mile Bike for Peace ride was more than two decades ago, but when Paul Keegan remembers the camaraderie among the cyclists, he still gets choked up.

In 1986, Keegan and 31 other cyclists rode 800 miles from Russia to Czechoslovakia and another 800 from Montreal to Boston, all to raise funds and awareness for peace and environmental issues.

As they crossed the border into Czechoslovakia, they hit the Carpathian Mountains.

“It was uphill every day, all day,” said Keegan. “But since some riders were from the region and familiar with the terrain, they offered assistance to the others.”..... Read the whole story in the Nashua Telegraph by clicking here!