News : Premium Brands makes three different services cleaner and greener

Mar 22, 2010

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

It's that time of year again: spring cleaning, a time when the mops and brooms come out of hiding, the dust flies, the dirt flees and most guys schedule weekend casino getaways.

But for Chris Culcasi, it means another busy season making the cleaning rounds.

Culcasi is the owner of Premium Brands, a combination of three separate products and services, each providing unique and healthy alternatives to home cleaning and maintenance.

But while he's proud of all his services, one in particular elicits the most excitement: His unique and green carpet cleaning service.

Culcasi owns two Oxi-Fresh carpet cleaning franchises — one in New Hampshire, and one in Massachusetts. What sets Oxi-Fresh apart from traditional carpet cleaning companies? In short: everything. Read the full story here!