News : Living Green- Tips for leading a better, cleaner life from NH families

Mar 3, 2010

Featured in Parenting NH

By Susan Nye

Concern for the environment and interest in living green has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Many New Hampshire families are adopting healthy, green habits. If going green seems daunting, don’t despair. You don’t need to do a complete overhaul and go green all at once. Let a healthy lifestyle be your guide and adopt new habits over time.

Mike Turcotte, energy and environmental consultant, grew up green. His mother, Paula, started Nashua’s first volunteer recycling program. Mike has vivid memories of going house-to-house with his mother and brother passing out big yellow recycling bins. Mike urges all families to develop a recycling mindset. He encourages families to not only recycle bottles, cans and paper, but to also recycle kitchen and garden waste into compost.

Given his upbringing, it’s not surprising Mike now consults with families to help them live greener and reduce their energy usage. His company, Turn Cycle Solutions provides environmental consulting services, including audits to track down energy leaks and advice to reduce consumption and weatherize homes. Among his many cost-effective, energy-saving quick tips, Mike advises families to:
1. Always turn out the lights when leaving room;
2. Insulate pipes;
3. Install a programmable thermostat;
4. Have boilers and furnaces serviced every year and
5. Replace ordinary lights with compact florescent or LED bulbs.

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