News : Familiarity Leads to Love for Rival Restaurants' Children

Mar 1, 2010

Featured in Foster's Daily Democrat

EXETER — Blue Moon Market & Cafe and the Loaf and Ladle would appear to be bitter rivals to the common walkers-by on Water Street.

Several characteristics of the cafes contribute to this conclusion: the restaurants cater to the hungry hankering for a bowl of soup or sandwich, both provide wholesome original recipes and they happen to be situated directly across the street from each other.

But the rivalry is mere conjecture. In reality Blue Moon and the Loaf and Ladle are the site of an across-the-street romance.

Andrew Ulery of the Loaf and Ladle, and Meadow Ulery of the Blue Moon had been working across the street from each other for 12 years before getting married in June of 2007. What makes them seem like perfect rivals makes them the perfect couple. Read the full story here!