News : Former journalist creates New Hampshire green cooperative

Jan 22, 2010

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A year ago, former journalist Sarah Brown thought it would be a neat idea to help local businesses better communicate their green business ideals to potential customers in her Portsmouth, N.H., community. She saw herself as sort of a sustainability coordinator for hire. She never dreamed that 80 small companies would jump on board — despite the wicked bad economy.

Brown’s Green Alliance organization focuses on helping local companies of all types assess their business practices and figure out where they can become more green or more sustainable. Businesses that invest in becoming a Business Partner are required to undergo a 60-question sustainability evaluation AND be willing to have the results shared with the outside world on the Green Alliance web site. Stuff that gets considered are sourcing strategies, alternative energy usage, the company’s willingness to help educate customers about green issues, and so on. Read the full story here!