News : Young's Restaurant leads way for green dining

Dec 8, 2009

Featured in The New Hampshire

For 89 years, Young’s Restaurant has been a Main Street staple for UNH students and members of the surrounding communities. But there is something about the small family-owned business that many may overlook. The Durham diner has steadily been becoming a green restaurant.

All of Young’s paper products are made from 100 percent recyclable paper, the take-out containers are compostable, outside air is cycled through the building in order to use less air-conditioning and energy, and the waste from the restaurant is composted.

Ken Young, who owns Young’s Restaurant with his wife Cathy, said that being a green business is simply the right thing to do.

“Some of this stuff is just common sense,” said Young. “We’ve been a real throw-away society for a while, really since World War II. This is just the right thing to do.”  Read the full article here!