News : Locals Mixed on Copenhagen Conference

Dec 16, 2009

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

This week, the world's eyes will turn to Copenhagen, Denmark, as the leaders of nations from across the globe arrive in the final days of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

So far, from everything I've read, progress has been mixed, to say the least. As the world's largest and wealthiest countries seem to be playing a game of "you first," the smallest and poorest countries are — rightfully in my book — saying, "You got us into this. Please help us get out if it."

Pundits expect a bunch a rhetoric, but not much concretely meaningful to come out of Copenhagen. As one local guy working in the green trenches said, "Will it be Hopenhagen or Nopenagen?"

And so I asked a group of disparate folks, from lawmakers to teachers to local organizers, what they hope will come out of the conference. I turn my voice over this week to "Voices for Copenhagen":

"My hope for Copenhagen is that it will inform the public about the real threat we face with climate change. Even if the chance of disaster was only 50 percent, would you put your grandchildren on a plane that has a 50 percent chance of crashing? This problem won't be solved in Copenhagen; it must be solved by us." To get the full story and see what Sarah Brown of the GA had to say, click here!