News : Engineering firm shows old New England buildings can be green

Dec 21, 2009

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

For years, James Petersen and his firm, Petersen Engineering Inc., have been at the forefront of green and sustainable engineering from Boston to Portland. Now, Petersen is directing its significant green credentials to a different effort: a new, super-efficient office space of its own.

Well, maybe not exactly "new." The 335 Maplewood Ave. location is an early-19th century Federal-style building. Yet while a building of that vintage seems like a difficult candidate to render green, its new occupiers are more than equipped to meet the challenge. Its client list is a veritable who's who of regional architects, building firms and institutions, and includes Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Phillips Exeter Academy and the city of Portsmouth.

According to Petersen, renovation of the new space will include a dual focus: preservation and sustainability.

"We want the building to retain its historic charm and not be compromised in any significant way," he said. "And we don't feel we have to compromise that goal in light of the greater goal, which is to make the building as sustainable as possible."  Read the full story here!