News : Arming Consumers With The Rest Of The Story

Dec 3, 2009

Featured on by Sarah Brown

All the recent noise and corporate claims surrounding the green efforts of large companies should raise the bar for us all. If homeowners want to protect planet Earth, as the big corporations say they do, then homeowners too must start thinking beyond the energy consumed in their homes and their choice of car, all the way to the environmental values of those whose goods and services they purchase.

At the Green Alliance, one of the most important services we offer our partnering businesses--and the customers who frequent them--is our GA Toolkit. It’s a 50-question evaluation of a company’s actions concerning environmental matters, and it results in a report card published for all to see on our Internet site. The toolkit provides the means for a systematic and objective evaluation of a business and its green credentials, providing consumers transparent data on local companies’ products and practices. It ultimately empowers consumers to make better choices. Read the full story here!