News : December 2009

Wind Turbine Powers NH Car Dealer

Dec 23, 2009

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When Waterline Alternative Energies finished installing a brand new wind turbine at the Seacoast Volkswagen dealership in Greenland, the turbine became the first of its kind to be installed at a car dealership in the entire state of New Hampshire.

Known as a Helix Wind turbine, the ground-mounted system offers passers-by an aesthetic and eye-catching glimpse of a business committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

At just a shade under 35 feet tall, the turbine meets municipal requirements for structure height – a hurdle that had to be scaled down after Seacoast Volkswagen’s initial plan for a more conventional 60-foot windmill was denied by the town. Read full story here!

How a kitchen can help save the Earth

Dec 23, 2009

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When you think of greening up your home, installing a new kitchen may be the furthest thing from your mind. But it seems that choosing an environmentally responsible kitchen design company can help you to save the planet. Jewett Farms & Co. believes that to make a business green you should focus on all aspects of running the business.  Co-founder Mike Myers said: "We try to pay attention to our impact on the world around us. How we design and build, how the materials are sourced, our work practices in the shop and the studio."

Jewett Farms opened its Studio showroom at Horton Yard in September 2008, but has its roots in York, Maine. Myers and his co-founder Matthew Lord first formed the company and opened a workshop there in 1999. Read the full story here!

Something in the Soil

Dec 22, 2009

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Composting programs are piling up on the Seacoast

When Tom and Mariah Roberts opened the Beach Pea Baking Co. in Kittery, Maine, they already knew how much trash a restaurant could generate.

“Tom and I have worked in the restaurant industry for many years and have been appalled by the amount of waste that we incur,” Mariah said. “It used to just make me sick, the thought of all the natural resources we were locking up in the ground.”

The couple decided to reduce the amount of waste they sent to the landfill by composting. The first step was acquiring compostable utensils for their daily transactions with customers. They purchased cups made from cornstarch, cutlery made from potato starch and takeout containers made from sugarcane pulp. Read the full story here!

Engineering firm shows old New England buildings can be green

Dec 21, 2009

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

For years, James Petersen and his firm, Petersen Engineering Inc., have been at the forefront of green and sustainable engineering from Boston to Portland. Now, Petersen is directing its significant green credentials to a different effort: a new, super-efficient office space of its own.

Well, maybe not exactly "new." The 335 Maplewood Ave. location is an early-19th century Federal-style building. Yet while a building of that vintage seems like a difficult candidate to render green, its new occupiers are more than equipped to meet the challenge. Its client list is a veritable who's who of regional architects, building firms and institutions, and includes Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Phillips Exeter Academy and the city of Portsmouth.

According to Petersen, renovation of the new space will include a dual focus: preservation and sustainability.

"We want the building to retain its historic charm and not be compromised in any significant way," he said. "And we don't feel we have to compromise that goal in light of the greater goal, which is to make the building as sustainable as possible."  Read the full story here!

Living Well & Living Wisely Takes Center Stage at Seacoast Green Home & Living Show

Dec 18, 2009

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Exhibits, experts, innovations & activities for all ages & every shade of green, Seacoast Green Home & Living Show set to inspire, inform and empower thousands to live green.  From practical and simple solutions designed to reduce home energy bills, to the area’s largest selection of green and local products, you’ll find it all at The 1st Annual Seacoast Green Home & Living Show, February 27 & 28, 2010 at The Frank Jones Center, Portsmouth, NH.

The Seacoast Green Home & Living Show ( is New Hampshire’s largest green consumer event, dedicated to inspiring, informing and empowering the public to build green, save green and live green. Visitors can shop 21,000 sq. ft of earth-friendly exhibits, while gathering information and inspiration from presentations, demonstrations, seminars and activities. Read the full story here!

Plowing Business Grows

Dec 16, 2009

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

When Dean and Jessi Outhouse bought their Orchard Street home, they also purchased a truck and plow.

"We got it just to do our own driveway," Jessi said. "And the business just grew from there." At a glance That business, which the couple started in 1998, has evolved into Crescent Snow & Ice Management, a company that now has eight trucks, a dozen employees and a growing roster of commercial clients.

According to Dean, Crescent "tackles anything having to do with snow removal (parking lots, sidewalks, or roofs) and de-icing," in a territory covering half of Rockingham County, including Portsmouth, Dover and Stratham.  Read the full story here!

Locals Mixed on Copenhagen Conference

Dec 16, 2009

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

This week, the world's eyes will turn to Copenhagen, Denmark, as the leaders of nations from across the globe arrive in the final days of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

So far, from everything I've read, progress has been mixed, to say the least. As the world's largest and wealthiest countries seem to be playing a game of "you first," the smallest and poorest countries are — rightfully in my book — saying, "You got us into this. Please help us get out if it."

Pundits expect a bunch a rhetoric, but not much concretely meaningful to come out of Copenhagen. As one local guy working in the green trenches said, "Will it be Hopenhagen or Nopenagen?"

And so I asked a group of disparate folks, from lawmakers to teachers to local organizers, what they hope will come out of the conference. I turn my voice over this week to "Voices for Copenhagen":

"My hope for Copenhagen is that it will inform the public about the real threat we face with climate change. Even if the chance of disaster was only 50 percent, would you put your grandchildren on a plane that has a 50 percent chance of crashing? This problem won't be solved in Copenhagen; it must be solved by us." To get the full story and see what Sarah Brown of the GA had to say, click here!

Young's Restaurant leads way for green dining

Dec 8, 2009

Featured in The New Hampshire

For 89 years, Young’s Restaurant has been a Main Street staple for UNH students and members of the surrounding communities. But there is something about the small family-owned business that many may overlook. The Durham diner has steadily been becoming a green restaurant.

All of Young’s paper products are made from 100 percent recyclable paper, the take-out containers are compostable, outside air is cycled through the building in order to use less air-conditioning and energy, and the waste from the restaurant is composted.

Ken Young, who owns Young’s Restaurant with his wife Cathy, said that being a green business is simply the right thing to do.

“Some of this stuff is just common sense,” said Young. “We’ve been a real throw-away society for a while, really since World War II. This is just the right thing to do.”  Read the full article here!

Arming Consumers With The Rest Of The Story

Dec 3, 2009

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All the recent noise and corporate claims surrounding the green efforts of large companies should raise the bar for us all. If homeowners want to protect planet Earth, as the big corporations say they do, then homeowners too must start thinking beyond the energy consumed in their homes and their choice of car, all the way to the environmental values of those whose goods and services they purchase.

At the Green Alliance, one of the most important services we offer our partnering businesses--and the customers who frequent them--is our GA Toolkit. It’s a 50-question evaluation of a company’s actions concerning environmental matters, and it results in a report card published for all to see on our Internet site. The toolkit provides the means for a systematic and objective evaluation of a business and its green credentials, providing consumers transparent data on local companies’ products and practices. It ultimately empowers consumers to make better choices. Read the full story here!

Green Machine

Dec 1, 2009

Featured in Snow Business Magazine

Rising star Crescent Snow & Ice Management shines as an environmental steward for the industry Snow Business asked snow and ice management companies to partici- pate in a survey that would allow us to take a closer, more personal look at the industry through the eyes of those who live it every day. What we found in this year’s results were com- panies dedicated to keeping their customers and employees safe—and their bottom lines stronger—through initiatives that embrace training, technology, sustainability and educa- tion. this special section features insight and best practices from companies in the U.S. and Canada that we have chosen as this year’s industry superstars.  Read full story here!