News : November 2009

Residents See Benefit of Insulation

Nov 24, 2009

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Mike Wilson is receiving a lot of phone calls this time of year. The president and owner of MJW Drywall and Spray Foam Insulation is in the business of energy audits, insulation and drywall.

"After the first frost, I handle about 10 to 20 clients a week," Wilson said.

Most buildings could use about 30 percent less energy if retrofitted with better insulation, he said. Wilson said his method of insulation can reduce energy consumption in a household by 65 percent to 85 percent.

Fiberglass and cellulose are often the insulations used in older homes and they are not always properly installed. When assessing the ability of materials to resist the flow of heat, the term R-value is used. Fiberglass has an R-value of about 3 per inch, Wilson said. In contrast, closed cell spray foam has an R-value of about 7 per inch, he said. To read the full article click here!

UNH Alum starts Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Company

Nov 13, 2009

Featured in The New Hampshire

When Paul Towle talks about his future plans for the Green Fashion Line, the T-shirt distribution company that he founded last year, he makes a brief reference to the tenets of a traditional business plan: turn a profit, expand the business, and so on. Then he gets to the part that he really cares about.

“The big dream is doing good in a bigger sense,” said Towle.

He goes on to talk of his dream of buying a ranch somewhere to operate as a therapeutic riding center; letting disadvantaged kids gain confidence on the back of a horse and reconnecting people with the environment.

Fresh Local Featured in the Top Ten Eco-friendly Food Trucks!

Nov 11, 2009

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Fresh Local sources as much of its menu from local farmers as possible. Neighbors provide honey, eggs, potatoes, peppers, carrots, herbs and more. Bread is from a family bakery in Massachusetts, soda from Maine and organic tea from a locally owned company. Trucks run on Simply Green biodiesel, and disposables are biodegradable or compostable — though the owners’ chickens eat some food scraps first. Read the full story here!

Dairy Bar Joins the Green Alliance

Nov 9, 2009

Featured in The New Hampshire

When the Dairy Bar was renovated last year, the focus was on sustainability. The compactor is solar powered, the to-go containers and disposable cutlery are made from bio-plastics, and about 90 percent of the waste is recycled on location, making the Dairy Bar a zero waste facility.
These are just some of the reasons that contributed to the Dairy Bar becoming part of the Green Alliance, said Sarah Brown, director of the Green Alliance.

The Green Alliance is an organization out of Portsmouth, NH whose mission is to promote and increase the profits of businesses that are environmentally friendly. It is also meant to educate and influence the public to think about the goods that they buy, said Brown. Read the full story here!

Newmarket Boutique Salon Goes Green

Nov 6, 2009

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Nestled on a corner of Main Street in the historic downtown stands a quaint brick building in which a truly unique business provides personalized beauty services to area customers.

Owned and managed by Tammy Pierce, Organic Bonita has established itself as an innovative piece of the downtown business scene with its creative and environmentally friendly approach to hair and beauty.

Organic Bonita offers something for almost every aspect of beautification for men and women of all ages, from facial waxing to organic perms to personalized hair design and color. Each product used in the shop is 100 percent natural and organic.  Read the full story here!

ReVision's Will Kessler featured in 'Solar Today' magaine: "Why simple payback is too simple"

Nov 5, 2009

From Solar Today magazine

ReVision's Will Kessler has recently published an article in Solar Today magazine. The article deals with the issue of "payback" for solar system, or how quickly someone can expect a return on their investment in solar technologies.

To read the entire article, just click here!

Poco's determined to make new waterfront view better, greener

Nov 4, 2009

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

The demolition of the locally famous deck of Poco's Bow Street Cantina will give way to a newer, "greener" dining and drinking experience.

In October, Poco's deck, a popular downtown destination for 20 years, was leveled to make way for a new city walkway and park that will feature resurfaced sidewalks, improved drainage and benches. The Mexican-themed restaurant celebrated by offering margaritas and appetizers priced as they were in 1989, when Poco's first opened. While it was the end of an era for the Portsmouth staple, Marlisa Geroulo of Poco's Bow Street Cantina and company sees a proud, new beginning. Read the full story here!