News : Spray Foam Insulation Saves Money on Heating and Cooling Costs - MJW DryWall LLC

Oct 27, 2009


by Jim Cavan

In these uncertain economic times, everyone is looking for ways to save money -- particularly when it comes to big-bill demands like home heating and cooling costs. Crude oil and gasoline might seem cheap now, but anyone who remembers the price roller coaster of 2009 knows low prices aren't here to stay. Perhaps more worrisome, however, is the unpredictable cost of home heating oil, particularly in the always brutal New England winters, and particularly with drafty, old New England homes. So what do the slumping economy, volatile oil prices, and home economics have in common? In two words: tax rebates.

A major focus of President Obama's 800 billion-plus dollar stimulus package involves tax cuts and incentives for those looking to make their homes more energy efficient, as well as the businesses supplying the equipment and labor. The rebates - which are available until December 2010 - apply to everything from weatherization of windows to solar panels, wind or geothermal turbines, spray or injection foam insulation, hybrid vehicles, and beyond...

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