News : Seaport Becomes First U.S. Hotel to Implement Cutting-Edge ‘Green’ Water Technology

Sep 25, 2009

From Hospitality Industry Online

BOSTON, Nov. 19 - The Seaport Hotel today announced the implementation of an innovative, chlorine-reducing water treatment system to its indoor pool, making Seaport the first hotel in the United States to utilize this green technology.

“At Seaport, we believe in providing guests with a safe and healthy, luxury experience while minimizing our impact on the environment,” said Matthew V. Moore, Seaport director of rooms and environmental programs. “With that in mind, the latest addition to our property’s extensive green program will reduce our use of chemicals and provide a superior pool experience.”

Indoor pools, such as Seaport’s, especially benefit from this system provided by Grander(R) Technology given that reduced chlorine consumption is directly related to improved indoor air quality. This technology reduces skin and eye irritation and improves water taste and appearance. Consistent with Seaport’s focus on sustainable products, the Grander equipment is made from 100 percent high-grade, recyclable materials.

Seaport’s implementation of this system is yet another step toward sustainable operations by the property which has more than a dozen environmental initiatives in its extensive green program, Seaport Saves.

The Grander Technology system conditions water through its structure- enhancing and preserving processes. The molecular structure of this water stimulates beneficial bacteria growth while simultaneously limiting the development of pathogenic populations. This restores the natural microbiological equilibrium of pool water without an overdependence on chemicals like chlorine. To read the rest of the article click here!