News : Re-Enhabit makes move in Portsmouth

Sep 10, 2009

From the Portsmouth Herald

May 22, 2009

by Toby Hatchett

PORTSMOUTH — Re-Enhabit has re-enhabited a new Daniel Street location. After being open one year on State Street, owner Jodie Curtis made another move.

"State Street was a great location," Curtis said, "but due to the ongoing construction that will last two years, this was a good move for me. I also wanted increased foot traffic."
At a glance

Curtis said business was tough over the winter even though she never saw one "negative" day. She is optimistic about the increased visibility her new location will provide.

"This is really taking up the gauntlet and spending more," Curtis said, "but I believe in what we have to offer and what Portsmouth is all about."

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