News : GreenPoma's Peter Ellinwood: "Introducing a New Flavor of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs"

Sep 1, 2009


by Peter Ellinwood,

The pros and cons of energy-efficient light bulbs have been much debated over the last decade. The main focus of the discussion has been CFL light bulbs. Introduced in the '80s, these electricity sippers have been greatly improved over the years. CFL light bulbs are enthusiastically endorsed by the Energy Star program and are the most popular green light bulbs among consumers, businesses and even public institutions looking to reduce lighting costs and shrink their carbon footprint.

Among the various energy-efficient light bulbs, CFL light bulbs have notable drawbacks when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, their higher purchase price, slower start-up time and inferior dimmability among them. CFLs also contain a small amount of mercury and must be recycled at the end of their life. On the plus side, these energy-efficient light bulbs pay for themselves in energy savings quickly when used for three or more hours per day. The best CFL light bulbs also cast a flattering light, much better than when they were first offered. CFLs are a solid choice for consumers seeking more eco-friendly lighting, but there's a new option to consider.

A Legislative and Regulatory Foundation for Energy Efficiency: More than Just CFL Light Bulbs...

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