News : Portsmouth clothier promotes green products, practices

Aug 4, 2009

Featured in the Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH — The messages on its T-shirts are creative and playful: "Sow simple, reap greatness," "Uptight? Dance!" and "No time? Enjoy now." But the Portsmouth company's goals go far beyond selling shirts with slogans.

At a glanceGreen Fashion Line hopes to spark a green revolution by promoting healthier attitudes through its products, business practices and partnerships, all of which espouse a reduce-reuse-recycle approach to consumption.

"We're a social movement concerned with better ways to live and give back to the community," said general manager Brenda Strum.

The company's mission is to produce high-quality, eco-friendly clothing backed by superior customer service and to address social and environmental concerns by developing donor and resale partnerships with like-minded businesses.

Green Fashion Line strives to be 100 percent green. It includes wholesale of 100 percent recycled cotton garments worldwide, and it is currently working on an order for a Paris, France, catalog. Its T-shirts are made new from recycled yarn recovered from recycled cloth cuttings and are milled, manufactured and sewn in Utah.  To read more visit seacoast online.