News : New Portsmouth home is saving gold by going green

Apr 15, 2009

Marc and Cheryl Batchelder's dream home is also a green home.

When construction on the 1,450-square-foot Lawrence Street residence is done at the end of the month, it even could qualify as one of the greenest homes in the country — never mind the state.

The frame is made from Eastern White pine plucked from the forests of Maine instead of traditional Douglas fir, which would have had to be trucked in from the West. The support beams are recycled from a torn-down barn in Pennsylvania. The hardwood floor was taken from a defunct mill in New England. High-density foam sandwiched between plywood lines the walls and roof, trapping the interior in a leakage-free shell. A 20-panel solar array will power the home.

Even the smallest detail, like the low-chemical varnish on the floorboards, is environmentally friendly.

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