News : Color Them Green at Beach Pea

Mar 18, 2009

As Sage Clarke waited for a table to open up at Beach Pea Baking Co., she held her lunch in one hand and a cold drink in the other. Clarke eats here mostly because she likes the food, but she also likes the fact that the "plastic" cup in her hand is actually made out of corn. "That's pretty amazing," said Clarke, who lives across the bridge in Portsmouth. "I think it's really important. It's great. I'm really happy to support a green business."

After lunch, the cup will be thrown into a compost bin where, a sign informs customers, "anything that was once alive can be composted." There it will mingle with salad containers made from sugar cane pulp and the SpudWare, utensils made out of compressed potato starch. And at the end of the day, this eatery that serves several hundred customers daily will toss out just two bags of traditional trash.

At a time when most restaurants are paying more attention to greenbacks and the bottom line, Beach Pea Baking and other Maine dining establishments are focusing on another kind of green as well – environmentally friendly practices that save money and energy, but also increase sales by attracting customers who are concerned about saving the planet.

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