Meet a Green Alliance Business: Green Maids

Oct 21, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald and on Seacoast Online

Who: Green Maids

What: Launched in 2009, Green Maids is a residential and commercial green cleaning company that services New Hampshire and southern Maine. The company uses eco-friendly products and methods that are all-natural, biodegradable, Earth friendly, non-toxic, and EPA and Green Seal certified. Owner Johnmark O'Brien is adamant that keeping a home clean with organic or natural products can help alleviate, or prevent, respiratory illnesses, allergens and certain types of cancers. By making the switch to Green Maids, O'Brien says homeowners also contribute to the overall health of the environment; keeping harmful chemicals from leaching into the soil and drinking water sources. O'Brien purchased a Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle as Green Maids' company car to lower auto emissions when traveling to different job sites.

Where: P.O. Box 349, York Harbor, Maine Call: (207) 361-4445


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Modern Sustainability and Historic Charm

Oct 21, 2014

Published on Portsmouth Herald and Seacoast Online

By Sam Ueda

How do you renovate and rebuild a century-old home for sustainability, but keep its historic properties intact? It takes a lot of planning.

In an effort to preserve the city’s rich heritage, Portsmouth has strict standards on renovations in its historic district. Those standards established the framework for how one family is renovating its early 1900s South End house into a high-performance home that marries energy efficiency and sustainable building materials with preservation of historic character.

“This project showcases how houses that have existed for centuries can be updated to make them more comfortable and energy-efficient without losing their historic character,” said EcoSound Builders' Ethan Korpi.

Homeowners Patrik and Carin Frisk, natives of Sweden, moved to the Seacoast for work. Because they wanted to live in Portsmouth’s historic district, but wanted to do so with the least environmental impact possible, they recruited architect Anne Whitney, EcoSound Builders, The Green Cocoon and Minute Men Painters.

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Dover Poised to Accept Free Gundalow

Oct 21, 2014

Originally published in Fosters Daily Democrat.

By Casey Conley

Gundalows sailed in local waters for centuries, bringing goods, people and wealth to the Garrison City. While the city's shipping heyday is long over, one of the historic vessels that made it possible could return to Dover for good.

The Gundalow Company of Portsmouth has offered to donate a replica gundalow to Dover at no charge. The City Council will consider the proposal during its Wednesday meeting at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

If approved, the city plans to install the 70-foot by 17-foot vessel Edward H. Adams in Henry Law Park next year. City Recreation Director Gary Bannon said the boat will be incorporated into the $400,000 playground improvement project scheduled for summer 2015.

“If all the things come together, in a week or so we will own a gundalow,” Bannon said. “It will be donated with no strings attached.”

A Popular Energy Collaboration

Oct 18, 2014

 Published on Hampton-North Hampton Patch

By Michael McCord

It’s not often that a company willingly hurts its own bottom line to help their customers save money. But that’s the case with the oil, propane and biofuel delivery companies Lamprey Energy and Simply Green Biofuels. With winter fast approaching, North Hampton-based Lamprey Energy and Simply Green have collaborated with Yankee Thermal Imaging on an energy audit program to help their customers create far more energy efficient homes and save on heating oil and biofuel costs this winter and beyond.

“We are always looking for ways to help our customers improve their energy efficiency,” said Jenny Marshall, director of marketing at Lamprey Energy and Simply Green. “Of course, it means less fuel sold but that means happier customers and a better environment. Also many customers have asked for energy audit recommendations over the years so this seemed like a great fit with Yankee Thermal Imaging.”

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Put Your Sneakers on to Support Great Bay

Oct 16, 2014

Published on Portsmouth Patch and Seacoast Online

By Madalyn Northcutt

STRATHAM - Runners participating in the Seacoast Road Race Series will have their last run of the series with the Great Bay Stewards Great Bay 5k on Oct. 25 in Stratham. Not only will the race provide an excellent opportunity to close out an incredible fall race season but it also offers runners a chance to support the Great Bay ecosystem.

The 16th Annual Great Bay 5K is hosted by the Great Bay Stewards and begins at 9 a.m. at Stratham Hill Park. Participants will finish the race at the Great Bay Discovery Center located at 89 Depot Road in Greenland.

“We have a fabulously scenic course,” said Peter Wellenberger, Executive Director of Great Bay Stewards. The Great Bay 5K was ranked in New England’s top ten favorite 5Ks because of the “great time of year to run, beautiful race route and the encouragement and community involvement is amazing,” according to Rhode Island Fit magazine.

Jay Diener has been organizing the 5K since it began in 1999. “It’s a lot of fun,” he said. According to Diener, the biggest change to the race in the last 15 years has been the technology. Road races now use bib-chip timing to record the runner’s times at the start and finish of the race. “That wasn’t the case years ago,” said Diener.

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Meet a Green Alliance Business: The Green Cocoon

Oct 14, 2014

Published in Portsmouth Herald and on Seacoast Online

Who: The Green Cocoon

What: Launched in 2007 by plastics engineer Jim Materkowski and his business partner, the late Peter Strattner, both men saw room to grow an insulation business that was more than just a financially viable and energy-efficient service, but also something that provided environmentally sustainable options. Since that time, The Green Cocoon has grown to include a number of insulation services; such as spray-foam made from soybeans and recycled plastic bottles, recycled denim and a cellulose insulation made from recycled newspapers. Spray-foam insulation has grown in popularity over the years for its energy-eff

icient savings and is often applied to a home's basement or attic space where most energy is lost. The Green Cocoon offers a product that meets the strict requirements of traditional spray insulations to guarantee efficiency, but remains a completely green company.

Where: 141 Bridge Road, Salisbury, Mass.


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Green Collar Careers: Tietjen Hynes, Water Quality Engineer at Redhook Brewery

Oct 14, 2014

Published on Patch

By Anna Murphy

A Dartmouth graduate, Tietjen Hynes helps to lead Redhook Brewery’s Portsmouth facility on a sustainable path to better business growth, profitability, operations, food and of course, great beer. The 30 year-old Water Quality Engineer enjoys working with her colleagues to come up with innovative ways to make Redhook Brewery a greener business.

Redhook opened their Portsmouth brewing facility and restaurant in 1996 in order to provide the east coast with fresh, high quality beer. Since then, Redhook has made great strides towards greener brewing, such as composting spent hops and reclaiming heat at the end of the brewing process to use towards brewing the next batch. Tietjen has helped Redhook cut down on their electric usage by installing motion sensors in the bathrooms and storerooms, and through the use of low energy LEDs and CFL light bulbs. Recently, the company began offsetting every kilowatt of energy used with wind power credits.

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Charting the Ocean: Blue Ocean Society Discover NH Sea Life

Oct 10, 2014

Published in Granite State Sentinel

By Ali Plankey

The ocean is a vast mystery. Marine naturalists Jen Kennedy and Dianna Schulte watched as the ocean – which makes up 70 percent of the Earth - was polluted and littered, overfished, and slowly degraded, until they could no longer sit back and consciously let the destruction continue. In 2001, they set out to raise awareness about local ocean life.

Kennedy and Schulte founded the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation and made it their own personal missions to protect marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine. With the power of education they have slowly, but steadily, increased research and conservation efforts in the Gulf of Maine.

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A Watershed Moment

Oct 10, 2014

Published in Portsmouth Patch and Fosters

By Patrick Haigis

The Strafford Rivers Conservancy and the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire will be celebrating their merger at the 12th Annual Fall Foliage Fundraiser with the theme “A Watershed Moment.” The event will take place on Friday, October 24 at 6:00 p.m. at Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center (100 Deer St, Portsmouth).

The Strafford Rivers Conservancy is a nonprofit land trust dedicated to protecting and conserving the natural resources, beauty and character of the land throughout the Strafford County region of New Hampshire. The Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire’s mission is to protect and sustain the land in our community for clean water, fresh food, outdoor recreation, healthy forests and wildlife. The organization has acquired more than 150 properties, totaling in excess of 9,300 acres of land. Both organizations achieve their missions through the promotion and acceptance of conservation easements, education and the acquisition and stewardship of land.

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A Canine Home Away From Home

Oct 9, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online

By Michael McCord

NORTHWOOD – Mary’s Dogs Inn has opened for business.

Mary Doane, the founder of Mary’s Dogs, is pleased her rescue and adoption organization has grown from her home in Deerfield to a two-story, 1800s federal-style house and property along Route 4 in Northwood near Coe-Brown Academy.

“We have a wonderful, relaxed feel at the Inn,” Doane said about the property that can board as many as 10 dogs at once. “Dogs who come to stay with us will feel like they’re at home.”

This home offers canine daycare and boarding and fulfills a quarantine need for the dogs rescued from high-kill centers in the South. A 2012 New Hampshire state law mandated a 48-hour quarantine period for dogs at a licensed facility before heading to an adopting family.

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