Meet A Green Business: Futuro Builders

Jul 29, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

Who: Futuro Builders

What: Futuro owner, Jesse Ware, first got his taste for building energy-efficient homes from his father during the 1970s. Since then, Ware has received LEED AP accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council and specializes in building residential homes and commercial projects focused on environmental sustainability. Futuro’s residential and solar division specializes in zero net homes, which are homes engineered to offset the amount of energy consumed through interior design, extensive insulation, and efficient mechanical systems. Grid-tied solar panels harness renewable energy to heat, cool and power the homes, while cellulose derived insulation maintains efficiency in both energy demands and energy costs.

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Exeter Practice Offers Naturopathic Techniques for Optimum Mental Health

Jul 29, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online and

By Heikki (Herb) Perry
Green Alliance Correspondent

EXETER — While treatment of mental illness has progressed during the last few decades, patients who rely solely on traditional psychiatric care overlook the benefits that naturopathic treatment can produce.

Naturopathic doctors take a different approach to treating mental illness than traditional medical doctors do, and when that approach is coordinated with a medical doctor’s treatment, the synergy can produce more benefits than either discipline alone can offer.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process, according to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.

Dr. Giard of Starry Brook Natural Medicine uses treatments and therapies including medicines, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy in her care for mental health patients.
Starry Brook Natural Medicine is a naturopathic practice in Exeter, N.H. that provides health care with an approach that integrates with traditional medicine. Physical exams, intakes, and treatment plans are guided by the patient’s desires. Treatment and therapies range from prescriptive medicines, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy or a combination.

The practice offers treatments for a variety of mental illnesses, including borderline personality disorder; bipolar disorder; anxiety; depression; obsessive compulsive disorder; agoraphobia; eating disorders; and trichotillomania.

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Durham App Developer Competes, Even Bests, Overseas Business App Options

Jul 28, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online 

Kyle Bonus
Green Alliance Writer

DURHAM – It may seem hard to believe, but there’s a shortage of mobile app developers in the United States. It’s a troubling fact for small business owners looking to create a mobile app for their company. The trouble starts with the need to satisfy a country with growing consumer demand, a lack of resources in IT departments and the large price tags domestic app developers charge. These limitations force many business owners to seek services outside the U.S. where app creation can be done cheaply.

SnAPPii's team of developers help businesses with smartphone app creation that is as green as it is effective.
In 2011 local entrepreneur Alex Bakman launched SnAPPii – a Durham-based company that has created a visual mobile app creation system – in hopes of helping small businesses make apps easily and affordably for iPhon

e, iPad and Android systems. SnAPPii offers a platform that can dramatically speed up mobile app creation and therefore lower the cost of custom apps.

“My motivation was to solve some of the problems of mobile app development. I realize that people need about a gazillion apps because, as the Apple commercial goes, ‘there is an app for that’— we now live in a world where there is a growing sense that each of us does indeed need an app for everything. Businesses that can meet this demand are finding handsome rewards in profits,” says Bakman.

SnAPPii provides customers with the ability to simply pick the needed features of their app and either SnAPPii or the client themselves will assemble the app visually using a drag and drop approach. Building apps with SnAPPii is done by simply “drawing” a picture of your app. SnAPPii then takes the picture and turns it into a native app for Android, iPad and iPhone.

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Ultra Geothermal Seeks Donations to Benefit Travis Aho Leukemia Fund

Jul 25, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online and

By Craig Brown

BARRINGTON – To support her brother Travis’ battle with Leukemia, Ultra Geothermal owner, Melissa Aho, and the Green Alliance are bringing together local businesses to put on a yard sale for his benefit. The yard sale will take place on July 26 at 358 Route 4 in Barrington, N.H. (just off the the Lee traffic circle) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Any yard sale appropriate donations – clothing, sports equipment, DVDs, books, etc. – or baked goods are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at Ultra Geothermal. The event is being sponsored by Green Alliance Business Partner, Get It Going.

Travis was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2013 and has since struggled with the physical and financial burden of the disease. In order to help alleviate some of his financial stress, Melissa organized a large-scale community yard sale. Melissa came up with the idea to use her business and its connection with the Green Alliance to help promote and support the yard sale.

A dedicated advocate for the environment, Travis Aho graduated as an Environmental Studies major and currently works in Florida as a law enforcement officer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to protect the Ocala National Forest.

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Get Your Kicks with new sport FootGolf

Jul 25, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online 

By Suzanne Laurent 

NORTH HAMPTON — On a recent morning, a group of four teenagers were waiting for directions on how to play a new sport offered at the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club on North Road.

"This looks like it will be fun," said Sarah Labore. "Our friends came here and told us about it and we all wanted to do it."

Labore and her fellow players — Gabrielle Bussier, Molly Lachance and Brye Barna, all from Manchester — were not holding golf clubs, though.

They each had a soccer ball rented by the golf club, and they were getting ready to play a game of FootGolf.

"This is new to our course," said Kate Blais, golf club manager, who was giving the girls directions.

"The holes are deceiving," Blais said. "It's a lot harder than people expect them to be."

The 18 golf holes are 21 inches in diameter and the course crosses some of the club's regular 18-hole course.

Blais asked that the FootGolf players defer to the golf players if they needed to play through.

FootGolf started in the Netherlands in 2009, when a group of soccer players persuaded officials at a golf course in Holland to create a course. It came to the U.S. in 2011, when it was adopted by a golf course in California.

The rules and game play are essentially a fusion of golf and soccer. There are 18 holes to play and players must try to score with as few strokes as possible.

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Ridgeview Construction Changes Perception of Prefabricated Homes

Jul 25, 2014

Published on Patches (Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton, N. Hampton, Bedford, Concord, Merrimack, Londonderry, Salem, NH Patch sites)

By Craig Robert Brown 

SALISBURY, Mass. - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially when considering home design – what's attractive to one person may not be to another. Perceptions are changing, however, when it comes to prefabricated and modular home building. At least, that's what Ridgeview Construction owner Shane Carter hopes to achieve with a build in Salisbury, Mass.

Ridgeview, a Deerfield, N.H. based building company, is the general contractor for Boston magazine’s tenth Design Home project. Each year, Boston seeks a new location in the greater Boston area that focuses on a new perspective of living. For Design Home 2014, the theme is a modular home build with minimal waste and completely net-zero in design.

“I think that changing the perception is really important," said Carter. "Modular homes today, being factory built in controlled conditions with very little waste and very little on-site build time, is really an efficient and green way for home construction."

For many homeowners, going green is a way to be financially sustainable. It's also a great way to live environmentally, which is the why Natalie Treat, along with her husband Tom, offered their property to be the stage on which Carter will build their green home.

Both nature lovers and environmentalists, the Treats saw a once in a lifetime chance to get their dream home when the original home selected for the project was no longer available. The couple immediately offered their property as a replacement.

The modular assembly, along with additional green technology, will help to render the home as a net-zero build, cutting down on the home's carbon footprint.

Net-zero, essentially, means that over a year, the solar panels installed on the roof will generate roughly as much electricity as the home consumes. The heat pump heating system produces 60 percent less greenhouse gas emissions and the hot water heat pump uses 1/3 the energy than that of a standard hot water heater.

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233 Vaughan St. project hits milestone

Jul 24, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online

PORTSMOUTH — The owners and project team for 233 Vaughan St. rejoiced with a "Topping Off the Steel" celebration July 18.

Placement of the upper steel beam is a milestone for the project, and more than 40 project participants gathered to sign the beam and watch as it was placed at the top of the building by a crane. A drone was on hand to photograph the work with a bird's-eye view.

The mixed-use building features a design by architect Carla Goodknight of CJ Architects and will include a rooftop terrace. Views of Portsmouth Harbor will provide a backdrop for a rooftop pool area, and each private residence will have its own deeded private rooftop garden.

The project will include underground covered parking, a small dog park and private elevator service to select units. The top level features two penthouses, each more than 4,000 square feet.

There will be nine residences on three floors and smaller residences starting at just under 1,500 square feet and priced in the high $800,000 range.

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Purely Organic Targets Beauty and Health of Your Lawn and Garden

Jul 23, 2014

Published on Seacoast Online

By Kyle Bonus

PORTSMOUTH- Did you know your feet contain over 4,000 pores that are the largest on the human body? Many people take pride in the outdoor appearance of their homes—going to great lengths to grow and maintain beautiful lush gardens and lawns—but are unaware of the negative impacts these chemicals can have on your lawn, pets and even family. Our body absorbs chemicals through the skin at an alarming rate and that can affect our overall health.

Children are at higher risk for health effects from exposure to toxic chemicals than adults because of child’s developing internal organs. Traditional lawn care chemicals have the potential to attack the central nervous system and produce symptoms including, but not limited to, rash, chest tightness, asthma-like attacks and blurred or dim vision. It may be difficult to prevent your child from playing in the grass while enjoying the outdoors, but it’s an easy decision to hire an organic lawn care company and reduce the risk of a family’s exposure to chemicals in their backyard.

Maintaining a organic lawn this summer prevents further environmental damage. Owner of Purely Organic Lawn Care Jay Palladino knows firsthand the impacts lawn care chemicals can have on family pets. Before starting Purely Organic, Palladino found his two month year old puppy, Pal, unconscious after playing outdoors in the yard. That same morning a chemical lawn care company had treated his property. After two nights in the veterinary hospital, Pal was diagnosed and treated for chemical poisoning. After Pal was given a clean bill of health, Palladino requested the company he’d hired use organic fertilizer. When they said no, Palladino decided to start his own organic lawn care company with a focus to help other property owners avoid the same risks. Purely Organic’s Residential Foreman Jason Lefebvre also equates traditional lawn care to putting your lawn on drugs.

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Meet a Green Alliance Business: EcoSound Builders

Jul 21, 2014

Published in the Portsmouth Herald

Who: EcoSound Builders LLC

What: Originally started by father-and-son team Roger and Ethan Korpi in 2007, EcoSound Builders specializes in Eco-concious home building and long-term durability. With the addition of green building specialist Peter Robie, the company soon stretched itself to become one of the foremost sustainability builders in both the Lakes Region and on the Seacoast. Utiliziing the latest in green resources, technology and waste-eliminating building methods, EcoSound has built sustainably throughout New Hampshire. From timber-framed barns, to residential homes, to office space retrofits, EcoSound specializes in using local materials, sourcing wood from FSC and SFI certified forests and using low to no VOC paints, stains and finishes. EcoSound also builds projects that are suited for environmental conditions, such as long winters and exposed building sites, and believes in the preservation of older buildings with high performance renovations.

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Ridgeview Construction Spreads its Roots in the Lakes Region

Jul 17, 2014

Published in the Citizen and on Patches (Portsmouth, Londonderry, Concord, Merrimack, Exeter, Hampton, N. Hampton, Salem, NH Patch sites)

By Craig Robert Brown

ASHLAND - Ridgeview Construction doesn't just build a home, they build a sustainable peace of mind. With projects throughout New Hampshire and New England, owner Shane Carter offers quantity without sacrificing quality.

The Deerfield-based company has done extensive work throughout the Lake's Region already with builds in Gilmanton, Wolfeboro and Ashland. But Ridgeview's next big project in the area is a build off Squam River Landing in Ashland.

"That's a great community and we're really proud to be a preferred builder on that project," said Carter.

All homes at Squam River Landing will be built Energy Star compliant and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and National Association of Home Builders Green eligible. Each home will feature appliances that conserve water and energy use. The homes are designed to be affordable as other, expensive lakefront builds, many secondary homes for wealthy buyers, have priced-out large portions of the local community.

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