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Green Alliance Membership: $35/year 

The classic membership! Discounts at all of our Business Partners.

Green Families Club Membership: $35/year

Stay up to date on all our awesome family-focused events and discounts, and get a free kid's tee.

Green Alliance Sustaining Membership: $150

Never have to renew your card, but that's not all! Click here to see what else this membership offers.

Green Community Leader: $300

The Ultimate Green Alliance membership! A lifetime of special discounts, and our greatest thanks.
Be a leader.

Green Alliance Benefactor: $500

Our Benefactors keep us going strong. You can contribute too.

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Two Memberships for $50 (first card recurring)

Two-Year Membership: $50 (recurs every two years)


Non-Profit Joint Memberships

We work with many environmental organizations in New Hampshire and often offer collaborative memberships with local non-profits.

GA and Great Bay Stewards Combined Membership


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A Green Alliance Membership is a gift that keeps giving all year long.

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