The Green Families Club

The Green Alliance launched the Green Families Club in July 2012. Designed to serve as a clearinghouse for consumer education and family-friendly local events, the GFC gives area families an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded folks who share the common goal of going green, while saving a little at the same time.

GA Director Sarah Brown understands the necessity for families to have access to resources about green and sustainable options for their children and themselves.

“As a mom, your first and last instinct is to protect your children from harm, and that’s increasingly grown to include harmful chemicals and products,” says Brown, herself the mother of three school-aged daughters. “Luckily now we actually have access to the information and can educate ourselves about what makes a product green, and why – when it comes to issues of health and durability – they can actually save families money in the long run.”

By becoming a Green Families Club member you're automatically enrolled in the Green Alliance. Join the Green Families Club today and receive a free kids' "Future Environmentalist" shirt with your membership! 

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If you are currently a member of the Green Alliance, just send an email to, to have your official Green Families Club sticker sent to you. Affix to your Green Card as seen below. 

Join the Green Families Club

Connect with other families in our area who share a desire to treat our planet a little more gently. Learn about the genesis of the Green Families Club here.

There are many reasons to become a member. Here are a few: 
We also have Green Families Club T-shirts for kids! Get a "Future Environmentalist" Green Alliance T-shirt here.