Events : March, 2016

Mar 16 - Portsmouth Community Radio - Environmental Hour featuring New GA Director and Ecotech Pest Control

106.1 FM on the Radio Dial

12:00 PM

Tune into the Environmental Hour on WSCA 106.1 FM to hear from the new GA Director, Mike Bellamente on his plans for the Alliance.  After a long winter slumber, the organization is set to move into high gear.   

Also on the show will be the president and cofounder of Ecotech Pest Control, Thomas Pray.  Pray has seen a lot change in dealing with pesky insects over the past 30 years and he'll be with us to inform listeners on how to prepare for the upcoming bug season.  New GA Director - Mike BellamenteHe's also the brains behind a revolutionary product called the Fly Cage, a green technology that has been tested and proven to catch and remove a wide variety of unwanted biting flies without using chemicals or pesticides. 

During the Environmental Hour radio show with Tim Stone, Tom and Tim will cover a wide variety of topics related to pest control, including Ecotech's approach to taking a more eco-sensitive tack when dealing with pests.