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Discount – GA Members receive $50 off a home energy audit or $150 off the Home Comfort Savings Plan.

Dollar Discount – Save $50 on a home energy audit or $150 off the Home Comfort Savings Plan.

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Green Story

After years of owning and managing various residential and commercial properties, by the mid 2000s, Chris and Kathleen Meyer had grown increasingly aware of the pitfalls of skyrocketing energy costs – on both them as property owners, as well as their tenants. Determined to educate themselves on how to best render their buildings more efficient, in 2008 the couple launched Yankee Thermal Imaging. From the onset, the goal of the company was to provide the most advanced, reliable, and cost-effective residential and commercial energy audits anywhere.

In the past, home inspections were more focused on leaky roofs and dated windows than the actual building’s ability to effectively retain heat energy. For years, even the Meyers found themselves concerned more with the age of the windows than the “envelope” of the home. Recognizing a wide niche that had yet to be filled, Chris and Kathleen did the research, hired on a crew of highly trained engineers and technicians, and launched their full-service auditing outfit with the aim of helping clients reduce their energy costs.

Using high-tech approaches including state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras, smoke pens, and the all-important “blower door test” – which helps calculate the rate of heat or air loss in a given space – Yankee Thermal Imaging can help residents and property owners better identify which energy-saving measures to target, in the process helping them save significant amounts of money on their bills.

The company is currently in the midst of a number of high profile municipal bids which could potentially save each town thousands of dollars a year. But instead of having the towns invest in retrofits upfront, Yankee Thermal’s unique plan would instead have the company itself invest the money for the improvements up front. Then, the cities would pay Yankee Thermal back with the savings achieved over time. So, for instance, if Town X adopts retrofits – paid for up front by Yankee Thermal – which help them reduce their monthly bill from $20,000 to $10,000, part of that savings would be given back to Yankee Thermal as payment.

It’s a game-changing program, to be sure, and one that is poised to bring even more notoriety and recognition to a company already proving its recession-defying mettle.

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What makes us green?

  • Offers comprehensive, affordable energy audits which can help reduce your home or buisness' carbon footprint
  • New municipal audit program allows towns to gradually pay their way towards energy efficiency
  • Educates customers to take advantage of state and federal rebates and credits for efficiency measures


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