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Green Story

Originally founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1928 by intrepid marketing man Thomas Briggs to aid individuals and families undertaking a long move – often to points west – Welcome Wagon has over the proceeding decades become something of an American staple. In its early days, Welcome Wagon “hostesses” would pay visits to the newly arrived in any given town, handing them a basket chock full of gifts and information about community businesses and professionals in an effort to help establish new roots. Welcome Wagon soon became one of the first all-women companies in the United States.

By 1998, Welcome Wagon had recognized that changing family dynamics meant that relatively few households had someone home during the day, and went through something of a makeover. The result was a more targeted service-oriented company that took into account a community’s unique commerce, demographics, and other factors. Not only did this new approach help assure that new community members were being introduced to companies they would be most likely to use, it also provided local businesses with a cost-effective alternative to other, traditional – and more costly – methods of advertising.

Welcome Wagon’s new approach also has a distinct green flavor. Not only are they are more efficient in their targeting efforts – and thus able to tell which local patrons might best meet your needs –the company has also been able to drastically reduce its overall waste. Not only that, but by advertising specifically on behalf of local businesses, these Welcome Wagon Gift Books help neighborhood newcomers more quickly adjust to their new community, thus instilling a recognition of the importance of doing business locally.

Here on the Seacoast, Sue Rillovick is proud to represent Welcome Wagon as the region’s Community Marketing and Area Sales Manager. Going forward, she hopes to parlay her extensive local involvement into localized campaign that truly gets to the heart of Welcome Wagon’s near century-old message of placing the utmost premium on true community.

Individuals curious to learn more about Welcome Wagon’s wide range of partnering businesses and their available discount can wwww.welcomewagon.com and type in their zip code on the lower right hand side of the homepage!



What makes us green?

  • Targeted marketing through demographic pinpoint specific to that businesses customer profile.
  • Elimination of wasteful mass mailing
  • More efficient system means reduced time and resources 
  • Incentivizes supporting the local economy