Two Ceres Street

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2 Ceres Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

(603) 433-CERE; Winter hours open Wed - Sun. marlisa@twocerestreet.com

Green Story

When you enter Two Ceres St. for the first time you get a very warm and inviting feeling and it’s not just the fireplace. With the exposed beams, reclaimed wood artwork on the walls, reclaimed wood stumps as seats and beautiful LED lighting, you feel right at home -- almost as if you were in your own living room. “I wanted it to mimic your living room, where you can feel comfortable kicking off your shoes, sitting on the floor and relaxing”, said Marlisa Geroulo, co-owner. Marlisa and her husband John Golumb designed the space to be an extension of their own personal sustainable lifestyle. “We try to be as conscious as possible in our daily actions; we go to the local farmers market, we drive a hybrid car, and use water catchment barrels at home; these are a few examples of small steps we take on a daily basis, that have a positive impact overall,” says Geroulo.

When renovating the space, Geroulo worked with a close friend who had just completed a degree program in Green Design. “This was very helpful in narrowing down the best products to use and also seeing what was out there,” Marlisa said. The floor, called Altro, is made from recycled plastic milk bottles. Marlisa originally investigated cork but because the building is below ground level the moisture would have affected its long-term performance. The bar, shelves and vanity in the bathroom are all made from paper stone which itself is made from 70% post consumer recycled paper. The bar front and table tops are Kirei board, a strong, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly substitute for wood made from rapidly renewable and reclaimed agriculture fibers such as sorghum. The wine and bar cabinetry is made from reclaimed wood gathered from 100-year-old wooden doors. Beautiful wooden accent art on the walls is from a maple tree that fell in the Great Bay. 2 Ceres is a virtual showcase of local artisans and craftsmanship: the metal work is hand-wrought by local blacksmith Peter Hapney, the paintings by Seacoast resident Lisa Grey and the fabric also handmade locally. Even the wool rugs on the floor are from sustainably harvested fibers and the furniture is Forest Stewardship Council certified. New tables made from reclaimed wood will soon be added to the bar.

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What makes us green?

  • Recycles anything and everything possible -- paper, plastic, metal, even frying oil
  • Composts 100% of their food waste
  • Installed motion sensors outside to cut down on energy use in lighting
  • Uses low-flush toilets and regulators on kitchen and bathroom water faucets
  • Replaced heating system with one that is up to 96 percent efficient, and will replace another heating system with a low-impact pump system during their next rennovation
  • Exploring corn-based alternatives for plastic cups which they hope to incorporate with the coming rennovation project
  • Installed new, more efficient ventillation system in kitchen
  • Emphasizes heavily sourcing local foods and products for their "small bites" menu
  • All cleaning products are eco friendly
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