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209 Jones Ave. Portsmouth NH


Green Story

What if you tried to photograph everything you threw away for an entire year? Local green artist and activist Tim Gaudreau did just that, and in the process created a piece that typifies the Portsmouth native’s practice of melding the worlds of art and green advocacy. Indeed Gaudreau, who splits time between a fully functioning photography service and his more free-form artistic endeavors, recalls vividly the time –upon returning to Graduate School in 2000 –when the immediacy of green issues and politics began steering his artwork in more evocative, politically engaged directions. “I’ve spent a lot of time in the Southwest, and one time I was hiking a mountain in California,” recalls Gaudreau. “I remember thinking about how beautiful it was –the fog in the valley, the light shining across the air creating this beautiful fog. As I was walking down the mountain, I ran into someone researching the fog; he told me it was smog settling in from L.A., 200 miles away. It struck me –the dichotomy of simultaneous beauty and ugliness.”

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Report Card Score

What makes us green?

  • Using art for environmental advocacy as shown in “Self-Portrait, As Revealed in Trash” of the giant boot made for Timberland out of discarded plastic bottle
  • green issues applied to all photography, design and artwork
  • both home and studio heated with wood-pellet stove and passive solar
    both vehicles run on very high blends of Biodiesel; B100 in the summer months
  • Photography exclusively digital --precluding the need for chemical-heavy papers, film, and toners typically used
  • “performative” pieces are intended not only to stimulate, but to incite and inspire.
    some examples include faux McMansion development props with stakes and orange caution tape next to a bustling county fair; fixing transparency sheets with images of WalMarts or housing developments into eye-level viewers staked into virgin hillsides to illustrate how quickly and easily such sprawl can arise; posting thoughtful poems and koans on borrowed police message boards in Market Square
  • Contributes art to community spaces to push environmental awareness
  • Often uses recycled or found items for sculptures and art pieces
  • Works with sustainable paints
  • Community art awareness and engagement in local schools
  • Currently working on “Self-Portrait” which seeks to examine in total the artist’s carbon footprint by photographing everything tangibly consumed, as well as calculating the respective footprints of those objects.
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