Third Stone Farm

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106 Garland Road, Barnstead Parade, NH 03218


Green Story

Third Stone Farm is a 22 acre organic, cut-your-own Christmas Tree Farm in Barnstead Parade, New Hampshire. Launched with the aim of bringing people and nature closer together, the Farm is a beautiful place where sustainable farming practices are embraced, cherished family traditions are forged, and memories are made. On only six special days a year, the public is invited to walk the land, find and cut a tree, search for an elf hidden in the trees, take a photo with Santa, and enjoy hot cider, cookies, and community.

Tim Gaudreau – artist, environmentalist, and owner of Tim Gaudreau Studios – along with wife Atlanta and daughter Willow acquired the farm this past summer. From the moment he first visited the property, Gaudreau was struck by the combination of natural beauty and green bona fides, imbued in every aspect of the farm’s day-to-day operations.

The Gaudreau’s acquired the farm from its founders, Mike, Rich and Karlene, who purchased the property in 1979 with a goal in mind: to become a beacon of sustainable farming in New Hampshire. Over the next few decades, the three friends made good on their vision, creating a successful Christmas tree farm, harvesting lumber from the property to build a barn, cabin and outhouse, while learning how to naturally replenish the nutrients in the soil. After many summers of ploughing and churning and fertilizing – and plenty of blood, sweat and tears – Third Stone Farm was gradually transformed into what it is today: a stunning example of just how promising organic agriculture can be.

When Mike, Rich and Karlene first bought the farm, they made a pact that they would sell it by 2013. Finally, this past summer, the trio found their match:
As an eco-artist and CSA farmer, Tim saw the farm as an extension of his art and his commitment to living sustainably. Meanwhile, Atlanta, a corporate social responsibility professional, was equally excited to steward the land for Willow’s generation, and for generations to come.

The owners may have changed, but the twofold mission remains the same: to foster a 100% organic, sustainable tree farm that speaks to the Granite State’s best, most well-worn instincts, and to give provide families with memories that will last a lifetime.

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What makes us green?

  • Trees on the farm grown and harvested sustainably.
  • Eco-artist Tim Gaudreau is passionate about the environment and the interconnections between people and nature.
  • Atlanta is a long time environmental activist and sustainability coordinator.
  • Only open to the public six days a year, which helps assure sustainable maintenance.
  • All trees hand-pruned.
  • Never use chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.
  • When trees are harvested, the field remains fallow for a few years before replanting trees, helping build up soil fertility naturally.
  • All water for maintenance and planting comes from captured rainwater.
  • Careful management of the adjoining forest provides a sustainable supply of firewood, lumber for farm buildings and wildlife habitat.