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Green Story

After graduating from Mount Holyoke College in 1996, Dr. Robyn Giard was faced with a choice: Should she continue her educational pursuits in grad school (studying economics, specifically) or in medical school? Dr. Robyn had known for a while that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine, specifically by way of an integrated, dynamic approach – one that would combine the best of both traditional as well as natural methods of health and healing. Now, it was a simply a matter of how best to get there.

Having long recognized the potential hazards and harmful bi-products of health and beauty products, traditional medicines, cleaning products, and the like, Dr. Giard saw it as her goal to better educate the public about their adverse – and often poorly advertised – effects, and how to better choose those that were not only healthier for the patient, but for the planet as well. With an equivalent passion for women’s health, Dr. Giard launched Starry Brook Natural Medicine in 2010 determined to make good on her new company’s ambitious tagline: Health Care the Way it Should Be.

Today, Dr. Giard’s Starry Brook– named for the Exeter Conservation land that neighbors it – has become a testament to the idea of a truly complimentary alternative medicine, bringing both products (everything from vitamins to essential oils to body care products) and services under one roof -- massage therapy utilizing 100% organic oils, acupuncture, diet counseling, and the Emotional Freedom Technique, a psychological acupressure method designed to enhance emotional health. Believing that the best care includes perspectives as broadly-focused as prescriptions and nutrition, Dr. Giard has established her practice as a one-stop shop for individuals and families, offering IV therapy, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and other services in a peaceful, engaging setting.

The mother of four-year old Isabella, year-old dachshund “twins” Guillermo and India, and 27 chickens, Dr. Giard takes pride in thoroughly practicing what she and her growing business preach, feeding her family only the healthiest foods – much of it from local farms or her own home garden – while enjoying the natural beauty of both New Hampshire and Arizona (where she maintains another practice, the Rockwood Natural Medicine Clinic).

Dr. Giard attended Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, Az., an institution with a strong focus on integrative medicine. As part of development she performed clinical rotations with MDs, DOs, as well as NDs in Arizona and Connecticut. During this time her primary focus was on clinical training in OB/GYN and mental health. Dr. Conte has been involved in extensive studies regarding the impact of nutrition on mental illness, including ADHD, depression and anxiety.

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What makes us green?

  • Emphasizes natural and holistic alternatives
  • Product list includes many that are natural or organic
  • Diet counselling places emphasis on local options
  • Business named for Conservation Land that neighbors it
  • Promotes the sustainability of the individual
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