Shaker Hill Kitchens

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17 Thornton Avenue, Saco, ME

(207) 283-3128shakerhillkitchens@gmail.com

Green Story

Saco’s Shaker Hill Kitchens, part of the York County Shelter Programs, offers breakfast, lunch, and myriad baked goods and treats for the general public, brown bag lunches and dinners to-go, as well as full on and off-site catering services. Opened in 2009, the bakery boasts a broad selection of pies, pastries, breads, whoopie pies, fruit bars and other baked goods. All profits from Shaker Hill go to supporting the York County Shelter Programs and their incredible programs throughout the region. While the bakery offers limited seating space, the atmosphere inside is as cozy as the aromas are inviting, helping to make it an increasingly popular destination for local residents.

As a shared-use kitchen, Shaker Hill will also rent out space to individuals and entrepreneurs to produce their own culinary concoctions. So far the kitchen has been a temporary home for individuals producing everything from cupcakes to salsas, cookie dough to specialty dog treats. They even have upstairs tenant spaces, and routinely provide employment for those occupying the apartments.

Like their parent York County Shelter Programs, Shaker Hill Kitchens has high hopes for rendering its operation more sustainable. They’ve already switched out all incandescent light bulbs, replacing them with highly efficient CFLs. Additionally, Shaker Hill touts extensive recycling and composting programs, with certain food and paper scraps being used to feed the community garden. They've eliminated entirely their use of Styrofoam products, instead switching to mostly recyclable alternatives. They also help raise free-range chickens for eggs and pigs for meat, working closely with local farmers to help bolster the quality of their produce. Going forward, the team at Shaker Hill hopes that their green initiatives – like their ever-expanding menu – will continue to grow and improve.

What makes us green?

  • Have switched all lighting over to CFL bulbs
  • Have instituted comprehensive recycling program
  • All profits go to York County Shelter Programs, helping the YCSP improve the lives of community members and local residents.
  • Eliminted use of styrofoam
  • Divert food and paper scraps to help feed community garden
  • Help raise free-range chicken and pigs for food
  • Work closely with local farmers to help improve quality of food