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10 Alden Avenue (Building 1, Unit 10), Greenland, NH

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Green Story

Visually stunning images of flowers and wildlife decorate the walls of Riverworks Printing’s production studio in Greenland, NH. Printed on eco-friendly Photo Tex material, these are no ordinary posters. They’re biodegradable, more durable than poster paper, and function something like a giant size sticker that can be stuck and re-stuck onto most surfaces time and time again without losing adhesiveness or leaving behind residue.

That’s just one example of how Riverworks Printing founder Jeff Cutter and Print Manager Danis Chamberlin are working to redefine the large format print industry by offering cutting edge products that are both visually appealing and green at affordable prices. In an industry known for waste, Riverworks Printing provides customers with a full suite of eco-friendly options, from biodegradable banners and recyclable posters to banner stands made from bamboo, a rapidly renewing resource.

They also go out of their way to ensure that any waste they do produce doesn’t end up in local landfills. Bottles, cardboard, food containers, ink and ink cartridges, PVC, and paper – everything that can be recycled gets recycled at Riverworks Printing. With the help of Poly-Recovery in Portsmouth, they’re pushing the envelope on what kinds of materials are considered recyclable within the large format print industry. Plus, Jeff and Danis donate leftover materials to schools for art projects.

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Report Card Score

What makes us green?

  • Offer a healthier approach to signage with eco-friendly products at affordable prices.
  • Recycle all printer inks and cartridges: Eco-solvent & water based.
  • Recycle and/or repurpose most material/media waste, including polystyrene, corrugated plastic and plastics mix.
  • Working with a source for carrier paper recycling and other hard to recycle materials.
  • Recycle packaging, and suggest our customers do as well.
  • Constantly researching and implementing cleaner ways to do business through media research, techniques, equipment and power supply (solar in the future).
  • Donate to local sustainable causes/non-profits: CCA, Trout Unlimited, Great Bay Oyster recycling, Families First and Seacoast area schools.
  • Puts pressure on vendors to maintain and/or implement sustainability practices.

Some eco-friendly products include:

  • Recyclable/biodegradable fabric-based adhesive-backed wall decal, with heavy metal and Phthalates-free adhesive.
  • Biodegradable banners and foamcores.
  • 100% sustainable, retractable bamboo stands.
  • Fully recyclable, retractable, metal stands.
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