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In an effort to help secure financing for larger scale projects – particularly for municipalities and public institutions -- Revolution Energy was launched in 2008. Revolution offers innovative financing packages that help reduce the up-front investment costs of alternative energy systems. In late 2009, Revolution directed their expertise to help finance and install the state’s largest solar array system at Exeter High School, a system which also boasted the state’s largest microcap turbine. Since then, Revolution has undertaken a number of similar projects in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The financing model, at least on its face, was as obvious as it was ingenious. In fact, founder Clay Mitchell was shocked that no one was really doing it around these parts. "It's funny. We get this question all the time when we talk to people about what we do,” Mitchell exclaims. “They say, 'Why isn't everyone doing this?' And out only real answer is, ‘we don't know!' It’s truly baffling.”

Instead of being burdened with having to shell out 100% of the cost of a state-of-the-art solar array up front, now businesses and other entities could achieve their dreams of “going green” and only have to worry about paying the monthly bill. The whole arrangement makes what was once a pie-in-the-sky luxury for only the most fiscally unchained clients accessible to just about anyone.

They’ve also worked extensively with the New Hampshire Municipal Energy Assistance Program, which is slated to provide comprehensive energy audits to 48 municipalities throughout New Hampshire.

In 2009, Revolution was awarded a stipend through Green Launching Pad, a grant-oriented consortium which includes UNH, the state of New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire Climate Change Action Plan. The grant continues to help Revolution further bolster its operations, to better provide their unique range of services to an ever-broadening clientele. 

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What makes us green?

  • Provides a completely unique range of services and financing options for alternative energy systems
  • Focused on bringing to life the largest alternative energy systems in the state, therefore providing the cleanest energy possible for the largest number of New Hampshire residents
  • Helping to bring new understanding of energy to an ever-broadening clientele.
  • Providing New Hampshire's aging building stock with new and innovative energy efficiency options.
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