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Green Story

For a company so entrenched in tradition, Proulx Oil & Propane has its sites set squarely to the future, and especially our region’s energy future. Even when Joe Proulx first founded the company way back in 1944, the impetus was a changing of the energy guard: from the soot and smoke of coal to something more efficient. Not long after, Proulx brought propane gas – cleaner and greener still – into the company fold, cementing his reputation as a forward thinking and environmentally minded business owner.

Today, Proulx’s commitment to cutting edge technologies, steadfast customer service, and ever-improving products continues apace. Thanks to a fuel additive called Heat Force, Proulx is helping assure not only that their customers are burning cleaner fuel and cutting down their emissions, but reducing their need for service calls as well.

Of course, the company was also a pioneer in offering BioHeat, a renewable-based alternative to standard heating oil. Grown on American farms, thereby reducing our dependency on foreign oil, BioHeat can be incorporated into your home or office without any significant upgrades or modifications to your heating system.

More exciting still, with their new AutoGas offshoot, Proulx is once again changing the way we think about fuel. At 70% cleaner than standard gasoline, AutoGas allows all manner of vehicle – police cruisers, school buses, airport shuttles, limos, and a host of others – improve their performance while reducing their emissions. How does it work? Utilizing the PRINS conversion system, the #1 conversion system used worldwide, the converted vehicle can run on either propane or gasoline if needed, switching seamlessly from one to the other if the vehicle should run out of propane.

Taken together, Proulx’s energy offerings are making energy efficiency possible for anyone – homeowners, businesses, and municipalities alike. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and local service nearly 70 years in the making, Proulx Oil and Propane is a company you can trust, with a mission of conservation that is as New England as it gets.

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What makes us green?

  • Proulx AutoGas offers car fuel alternative that burns up to 70% cleaner than standard gasoline
  • Transitioned 90% of the company's service fleet to autogas 
  • Company has long been a pioneer in biofuels industry
  • Company headquarters features comprehensive recycling program
  • In the process of switching all lighting to LED and CFL
  • Transitioning to 100% electronic billing by 2016
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