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Green Story

Since 1944, Proulx Oil & Propane has been a trusted regional beacon and leader in providing renewable energy options to Northern New England’s growing throng of green consumers. With those same values squarely in mind, the company recently announced the launch of Proulx Autogas, a division that aims to change the way businesses – and eventually, individuals – think about powering their vehicle fleets.

The goal is simple: offer a cleaner-burning alternative to standard gasoline (70% cleaner, in fact). As more and more gasoline powered vehicles are rendered propane-compatible, Proulx is determined to become the region’s go-to source – for medium duty vehicles including limousines and taxies, police cruisers and sherriff vehicles, school buses, service vans and pickup trucks, airport shuttles, and everything in between including commercial lawn mowers and propane/diesel injection systems. The significant operational economics of Autogas, along with the improvement in emissions, is making Autogas the go to fuel of the future in transportation.

How does it work? Utilizing the PRINS conversion system, the #1 conversion system used worldwide, the converted vehicle can run on either propane or gasoline if needed, switching seamlessly from one to the other if the vehicle should run out of propane. The vehicle will operate on gasoline until the driver returns to the fueling site.

Of course, Proulx’s own expansive fleet has already become some of the first full converts, with the goal of transitioning 90% of the company’s service vehicles by the end of 2013. And while company President Jim Proulx – who runs his personal vehicle on propane – says it will take some time before the technology is made readily available to the wider public, he says it won’t belong before the impact of green-shifting businesses makes that possibility a reality.

Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company better prepared to take the next green leap: Proulx has long been a pioneer in marketing and selling renewable energy. But beyond the game-changing technologies, Proulx is committed to broadening its efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. From a full-fledged recycling program to comprehensive lighting overhauls and an increased emphasis on electronic billing – they hope to be 100% digital by 2016 – Jim Proulx’s company is nothing if not squarely focused on a greener future.

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What makes us green?

  • Offers car fuel alternative that burns up to 70% cleaner than standard gasoline
  • Transitioned 90% of the company's service fleet to autogas
  • Company has long been a pioneer in biofuels industry. 
  • Company headquarters features comprehensive recycling program
  • In the process of switching all lighting to LED and CFL
  • Transitioning to 100% electronic billing by 2016


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