Pocos Bow Street Cantina

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37 Bow Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

(603) 431-5967; Winter hours: open Wed - SunInfo@pocosbowstreetcantina.comhttp://www.pocosbowstreetcantina.com

Green Story

As one of the premier Portsmouth destinations, Pocos Bow Street Cantina is always looking for ways to set itself apart. With a huge rennovation scheduled soon for the deck section of the restaurant, Pocos has equally huge ambitions for instituting new and exciting green initiatives and products -- much like its new sister operation, Two Ceres Street -- including more efficient windows, corn-based plastic cups, and a menu with a much heavier emphasis on local sourcing. This is not so say that Pocos has nothing to build on; quite the contrary. A proud member of Seacoast Eat Local, Pocos has already established stringent recycling policies for everything from paper and plastic to their used frying oil, installed a super-efficient fireplace to replace their older heating system (and has plans to install a second, even more efficient pump heating system in the near future), as well as steadily replacing all lights with high-efficiency CFL bulbs throughout the restaurant.

Pocos has a long and proud history of donating to a variety of local organizations and events, partnering with the likes of fellow GA BP Portsmouth Brewery in an effort to get more people to eat local. Also, Pocos recently took advantage of a total kitchen overhaul to install a much more efficient ventillation system -- great for the cooks in the kitchen on those hot summer days on the decks!

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What makes us green?

  • Recycles everything possible -- paper, plastic, frying oil, metals, etc.
  • Compost 100% of their food waste
  • Installed outdoor motion light sensors to cut down on energy use
  • Replaced one heating system with efficient fireplace, and will be installing new efficient pump system to replace other system soon
  • Exploring corn-based alternatives to plastic cups which they hope to provide in the coming months
  • Proud members of Seacoast Eat Local
  • Massive deck rennovation project included more efficient windows, heating systems, etc.
  • Graduall replacing all lighting with super-efficient CFL lights.


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