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Green Story

At its core, Performance Business Solutions (PBS) is about saving green - that includes saving the environment as much as saving money. Since 1995 Jeff Hiatt has worked to help his clients reduce costs and save money by changing the way they purchase different services for their business. One way in which his clients go green is by upgrading buildings with energy efficient systems to reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs. In doing so, Hiatt is able to help large companies grow or expand their sustainability operations.

With a comprehensive business model that includes researching and implementing tax credit eligible programs, utility company rebates, LEED certification, reducing a client's reliance on fossil fuels and more, PBS is a leading resource for businesses looking to become more environmentally conscious.

Hiatt was a member of the New Hampshire chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, and was voted onto the board of directors for several years. Today, Hiatt's focus is on vetting the sustainable proposals that solar installers, green power companies and similar businesses claim to offer his clients. Hiatt reviews and evaluates each proposal from different providers to ensure that the expectations are well understood by the client. He then validates each of these green businesses output against their cost for the client.

"I'm not the one banging the nails, putting in the solar panels myself," said Hiatt. "Where I'm involved is helping the client make sure that the vendors the client is dealing with are legitimate, qualified and reputable in their assumptions, proposals and deliverables."

Part of why Hiatt does this verification process is because too many times he has seen "very aggressive assumptions" that overstate the benefits of a particular strategy. But Hiatt is also an ardent supporter of a cleaner environment in his personal life. He installed a Geothermal system in his own home years ago. As a father, it's important to Hiatt for his daughters to have a future that includes a cleaner environment.

Hiatt receives a majority of his clientele from the referrals of CPAs. Also, commercial property owners with locations where projects may be eligible for tax incentives on the energy efficiency projects they have implemented. Hiatt acts as a conduit for his clients, helping them navigate the cumbersome process of applying for tax credits, rebates and LEED certifications. Where appropriate, Hiatt wants more businesses to have an environmentally conscious mindset. Hiatt says that he helps clients utilize and implement green strategies when they make sense financially. He can help them take full advantage of all of the tools available to move a marginal project over the line to be a big financial winner for the client

"Sustainability isn't just about the sustainability of the environment, it is about the sustainability of the business," said Hiatt. "Business with well-implemented sustainable practices can influence their employees to spread that message outside the workplace. To be successful, the employer has to be financially viable. As long as people understand those moving parts of the equation, sustainability and financial success can coexist.”

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What makes us green?

  • Offers Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
  • Reduces client's reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Depreciation and Cost Segregation program helps convert older structures.
  • Researches and develops tax credits for cost reduction of efficient upgrades for businesses.
  • Graphs client's energy usage for 24 months and works with them on improving energy consumption.
  • Uses thermal imaging cameras to determine where heat loss and moisture penetration is occurring in a client's building.
  • Recommends alternative energy sources to clients such as solar, wind and geo-thermal.
  • Uses and promotes eDocumentation amongst clients for minimal paper waste that ensures disaster recovery, instant access, makes available identical copies to clients.
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