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Green Story

The mission of the OrganicRVer is simple: to educate and share the organic message of ridding the home of harmful chemicals and toxins, improving overall health, and providing an opportunity to buy Essante Organic products at wholesale or even earn them for free. 

Since 2005, Peter and Laurie Widmark have traveled part-time exploring the U.S., but it wasn't until 2012 that they decided to sell their beautiful 4,000 sq ft Dover home and downsize to 450 square-foot motor coach.  What does that mean for the environment exactly?  It means they no longer use excessive amounts of water, electricity, and natural gas and they no longer purchase excess “stuff” since their space is so limited.  Operating by a "one-in, one-out" rule, if something comes into the coach, something goes to Good Will. If they can drink it or eat it, it’s welcome, but beyond that they've learned quickly that less is more.

During their travels recently in Fort Myers, FL, the Widmarks were introduced to Essante Organics, a seven-year old, 100% certified organic products manufacturing company located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Along with the help of Dr. Doug Firebaugh and NH resident, Maryellen Duchesne, the Widmarks were offered the chance to start their own business, recruiting others to become part of the Essante Organics family.   

The Widmarks, as certified representatives of Essante Organics, are interested in helping people access organic home care and beauty products with an opportunity to grow their sales networks.   



What makes us green?

  • The Widmarks live out of their RV which reduces their consumption footprint
  • The Widmarks sell 100% Organic products through the Essante Organics network