Discount – Green Alliance members get a biannual 1.5 cents per kWh solar rebate!

Dollar Discount – $75 for typical household annual use of 5,000 kwh

Stratham, NH


Green Story

NhSolarGarden offers a groundbreaking solution to meet the growing demand for locally-generated solar energy in New Hampshire. By matching members who want to purchase solar power with farmers and other landowners who “host” solar array projects, NhSolarGarden combines entrepreneurial innovation and sustainable passion that promises to have a dramatic multiplier impact on local economies, lead to greater land conservation, and boost sustainable agriculture.

Founder and project director Andrew Kellar believes that through the establishment of a solar energy network and the promotion of local and sustainable agriculture, we are building stronger local economies by having a positive impact on the environment and strengthening the social fabric of our communities – and start a grassroots movement focused on constructive change.

How does it work? NhSolarGarden will develop a solar array to power one location (a “host” area) and share the value of the excess power with another location (residential, businesses, schools and/or towns’ members who form “groups” that share the value of the solar energy from the host in their area) through existing utilities such as PSNH and Unitil that service the host area.

Consumers can become members of NhSolarGarden (at no cost) and get bi-annual “Solar Rebates” while simultaneously supporting local farmers and landowners who lease their land for the solar installations. As part of its core mission to support farmers, NhSolarGarden can build a separate solar system for a new greenhouse so farmers can grow some crops year round — while creating a new crop of solar energy on their land. Or farmers can opt for higher lease payments if they already have greenhouses on the farm.

NhSolarGarden seeks members and landowners with as little as 7,000 square feet of land or roof space to become hosts. NhSolarGarden can properly place arrays in a number of different places, including malls, self-storage facilities, mill buildings and warehouse rooftops. And the company handles all the development and equipment costs and utility logistics.

Both interested members and potential solar garden hosts can easily sign up on the company Web site:www.nhsolargarden.com.

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What makes us green?

• 100 percent clean, renewable product option to our clients
• Net Zero operations
• 95 percent paperless business