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268 Mast Road, Durham, NH

603.868.1100 themailbox@nhptv.org

Green Story

With the nation’s media landscape undergoing seismic shifts seemingly by the day, it’s comforting to know that New Hampshire Public Television – New Hampshire’s only statewide, locally owned television network – remains committed to a handful of time-tested tenets: commercial free programming that engages minds, connects communities, and celebrates the region in a way that entertains as well as educates.

Headquartered in Durham, NHPTV provides educational programming, PBS staples, locally focused programs like Windows to the Wild and Granite State Challenge, and the technology for a high-tech public safety communications infrastructure. It offers enriching on-air and online media to a whopping 98% of Granite State residents and nearly a million viewers every month (including 90,000 children). But the station’s initiatives go well beyond the programming itself, and include a host of community projects and initiatives designed to turn positive airwaves into actionable, locally focused change.

Indeed, many of NHPTV’s educational resources and workshops are offered free of charge to educators, parents and children. Be the topic literacy or health care, childhood obesity or bullying, aging or the environment, NHPTV is committed to partnering with community organizations to help shed a much-needed spotlight on the issues and topics at the forefront of the public mind.

What’s more, NHPTV has a steadfast commitment to environmental-themed programming. From national staples (Nature and Nova), local favorites (Planet Granite, Growing a Greener World, Mother Nature’s Child), the quintessentially New England Windows to the Wild with Willem Lange, or feature documentaries (Small Farm Rising), NHPTV has long championed an all-ages appreciation for the region’s unrivaled beauty and natural heritage.

Of course, as we at Green Alliance have long understood, no one outlet can do it alone; as a community-supported station, NHPTV depends on contributions from viewers and concerned citizens to assure that our shared challenges don’t go unaddressed. Which is what makes the GA-NHPTV partnership so important: by bringing together the region’s like-minded, community-oriented citizens, we’ll be that much better prepared to tackle our most daunting problems and – more importantly – share in the unique, environmentally conscious community that makes our state so special.

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What makes us green?

  • Offers a wide range of environmentally-themed programming
  • Has instituted a comprehensive recycling program
  • Emphasizes committment to supporting local economy