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DiggersList headquarters: 637 36th Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266; Green Alliance headquarters: 75 Congress Street Suite #304, Portsmouth, NH 03801; Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity ReStore: 29 Fox Run Road, Newington, NH 03801

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Green Story

Diggerslist is a California-based classifieds website specializing in building materials, supplies, and services. The site, which already houses individual portals for over a dozen cities across the country, is gearing up to add a New Hampshire Diggerslist in the coming weeks, partnering with Dover Re-Store and the Green Alliance in an effort to bring its unique and expansive services to the Seacoast. The new New Hampshire DiggersList will be one of over 200 city-specific sites to be added to the database in the coming year.

Aside from the familiar sounding name, the site looks and works much like craigslist: the main page is broken down into states, with cities and towns listed below. Once you click on a city, you get a lengthy list of projects, services, and materials – everything from fill dirt to fireplaces, cabinets to carpet, patios to paints and pools.

After years working as an insurance broker for contractors in Southern California, Diggerslist founder Matt Knox realized there really wasn’t an online outlet for excess materials and supplies from job sites. “When we started parsing out how we were going to do this, we realized craigslist wasn’t specific enough for what we wanted to do,” explains Knox. “Now that we’ve gone from a national site back to one focused more on communities and individual cities, it’s been really encouraging.”

The best part? It’s all free – free to join, free to use, and free to list, whether you’re a small business looking for another avenue to your customer or just someone who’s looking to get rid of an old wheelbarrow.

The site includes a number of features which set it apart from craigslist, including promotional videos, a full-time blog, photo albums, a job listing where builders can bid on contracts and projects free of charge, a “builder’s forum” where those in the industry can post their profiles and contact information, and an RSS-style web "widget" which allows builders and suppliers to post their DiggersList inventory on their own website. Thus far a number of local builders, contractors, and companies – including many represented in the GA – are slated to be featured on the Seacoast Diggerslist site.

Along with other GA Business Partners, Re-Store will be cataloguing a large bulk of its entire inventory in the hopes that others in the area follow suit. Once the site is bulked up, Knox will launch the Seacoast Diggerslist site to coincide with the launch of Dover ReStore’s new and improved website around the same time.

What makes us green?

  • Serves as a catch all for an enormous range of building materials and services -- providing an outlet for materials which may have otherwise wound up in a landfill
  • Provides all of its listing and profile services free of charge
  • Teamed up with the Green Alliance to provide discounted advertising and full-range of listing services to GA Business Partners