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801 Islington Street (Portsmouth) 155 State Street (Newburyport)

603.427.8040 (Portsmouth); 978.499-9909 (Newburyport)info@thenaturaldog.us

Green Story

When Registered Dietician and pet food industry expert Dawn Price first opened The Natural Dog, Inc. in Newburyport in 2005, she did so with a truly unique perspective – that of someone committed to providing the most healthy, all natural, and green pet foods and supplies out there. Now, with consumer demand in its favor and two locations in tow, The Natural Dog stands as a beacon of what’s possible when nutrition, sustainability, and good old-fashioned localism stand at the fore of a business’ ethics.

Both Dawn and Jeff Price pride themselves on meticulously researching the best products for your pets. For them, quality trumps popularity, every time. Which is why they’ve gone out of their way to work with companies that are either local, family-owned, or do a handful of things well. Dog foot companies owned by multinational mega corporations need not apply!

But the Price’s commitment to education doesn’t end with what’s on the shelf. Indeed, the team prides itself on educating the customer on exactly what makes a specific cat food, chew toy, or water bowl healthier or more environmentally friendly. Eschewing marketing hype for things like small-batch manufacturing principles, quality ingredients, and company ethics, The Natural Dog is a testament to what’s possible when one local, family owned company makes it its goal to partner with businesses and suppliers that hold those values in common.

Today, both locations boast a bevy of green, all-natural products, including bamboo and hemp collars, lead-free bowls, beds and toys made from recycled materials, premium cat and dog foods (including the largest selection of raw foods anywhere on the Seacoast), natural shampoos, biodegradable waste bags, beds, snacks, biscuits, herbal and whole food supplements, flower essences and much, much more.

In 2013, buoyed by the success of their Newburyport flagship, the Price’s opened a second location in Portsmouth. The storefront might be different, but the principles and the perspective remain the same: to keep your dog or cat happy, healthy, and safe.

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What makes us green?

  • Offer bamboo and hemp collars, lead-free bowls, beds and toys made from recycled materials, biodegradable waste bags, natural herbs and essences, and much more!
  • Largest selection of raw foods anywhere on the Seacoast.
  • Emphasizes sourcing from small, local, or sustainability-minded companies.
  • Committed to offering foods and treats made with quality ingredients and in small batches.
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