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Green Story

Unfortunately, because a global market exists for e-waste components -- discarded, obsolete, or broken down electronic devices -- the United States often sends theirs to developing nations, where lax environmental standards of toxic substances lead to significant environmental degradation. Frequently, domestic e-waste handlers take the low-cost option and simply ship their waste overseas, polluting the environment because of primitive "recycling" technologies which focus on extracting metals, toners, and plastics from these components.

But a healthy, sustainable, local option exists. North Hampton-based MetalWave provides its business customers with a transparent, domestic, and cost-effective downstream for end-of-life recycling for a variety of e-waste, medical equipment, and even automotive electronics. Owner Brad Wiggin and Director of Sustainability Tom Sousa are both veterans of the asset recovery business, and their new venture promises their clients value, security, flexibility, and a wealth of experience. They are also completely committed to honesty, transparency, and integrity in the process -- which is far from a given in the often shady world of e-waste recycling.

Electronic waste (e-waste) consists of computer components, printers, televisions, cell phones, and much more. Because e-waste frequently contains hazardous contaminants such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants, there's a great deal of risk to human health and the environment when this material is sent to landfills, and even when the materials are recycled.

MetalWave follows strict guidelines to ensure the e-waste they handle is properly disassembled, shredded, and recycled by themselves or reputable domestic vendors who do not take shortcuts, cut corners, or export their waste to other countries - creating jobs in the U.S. while ensuring sustainability in the process.

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What makes us green?

  • Responsibly recycled electronic and other waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, endangering the environment.
  • Provides customers with transparent domestic downstream for end of life recycling.
  • Program is as cost-effective as it is sustainable.
  • Follows strict guidelines to ensure the e-waste is properly disassembled, shredded and recycled.
  • ISO, OSHAS, Ban e-Steward and R2 certified.
  • Provides customers with a transparent, domestic and cost-effective downstream for end-of-life recycling.
  • Hosts town-wide recycling events throughout the seacoast region.


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