The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric

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437 Shattuck Way, Newington, NH 03805

(603) 436-2310jpender@rockingham.com

Green Story

The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric, part of the Rockingham family of companies, is proud to carry the largest selection of residential lighting products in Northern New England. Their creative staff of lighting experts offers products that provide the highest level of function, efficiency, and aesthetics for your budget -- along with a number of high efficiency options!

In 1968, a devastating fire destroyed the company’s original Portsmouth location, including its entire inventory. While the blaze was initially devastating, Rockingham eventually regrouped, and in 1969 opened their new Newington location, where the main store still stands today. Over the next few decades, the company continued to grow, along the way acquiring a number of smaller businesses under the Rockingham umbrella.

Rockingham's showrooms offer the most technically advanced lighting control products, plus the latest in quality names and lighting home fashions, and their unique Lighting Lab allow customers to simulate a variety of home and landscape lighting applications in order to experience all available options.

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What makes us green?

  • free lighting audits for their commercial clients
  • recycle lightbulbs & thermostats (including those with mercury)
  • a wide selection of energy-efficient lighting products
  • significant education efforts for customers and suppliers
  • actively exploring products using energy-efficient direct current motors
  • have made susbstantial equipment changes to mimimize energy use
  • have completed internal structural changes to some of their facilities to minimize heat loss in the Winter
  • offers sharp discounts to employees to switch to CFLs
  • substantially reduced paper waste through recycling and electronic documentation and billing systems
  • supports local vendors as part of their operations
  • encourage employee carpooling, and utilize tele-conferencing to reduce employee travel
  • extensive support for community and charity organizations
  • have implemented a robust anti-idling policy for the company's multiple suppliers
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