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Portsmouth, N.H.


Green Story

Lenka Flaherty's love affair with photography began when she was a little girl, traveling with her family and watching her parents take photographs. Growing up in the Czech Republic allowed Flaherty the opportunity to experience the natural world as she traveled throughout Europe and instilled in her a desire to capture all she saw with photographs.

While in the Cezech Republic Flaherty earned her Masters degree in Environmental Engineering before moving to the United States in 2003. She pursued her passion for photography by continuing her education at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. She has taken workshops with some of the top names in the wedding photography industry including; Kevin Focht, Doug Gordon and David Ziser.

As friends and family took notice of Flaherty's breath-taking work they started asking her to do portraits of their children and hired her for weddings. Flaherty, modest in her success and talent, at first declined. However, Flaherty's opinion changed as she built a portfolio of work she'd done for friends and began to market herself as a professional photographer. Now Flaherty is excited by wedding photography.

“I love it, I love everything about it, it's such a happy day and special event for everyone involved,” she said.

In addition to her portraits and wedding photography, Flaherty still seeks to capture her first muse; nature. From wild horses in Iceland to the mountain ranges of New Hampshire, Flaherty strives to capture the beauty of the world around us accurately. Her hope is that her photographs will inspire those who view her work to preserve and maintain the planet's grandeur.

"Nature to me is what is important, it's the place where we live, the place we enjoy, and to me mountains and woods and rivers give me satisfaction to be in and around," said Flaherty.

As a working wedding photographer Flaherty still strives to stay green. She is an advocate of keeping weddings - the ceremony and reception - local asking the client to cut back on traveling long distances. If a client does want a destination wedding, Flaherty suggests they consider green wedding options - like using recycled wedding materials. Flaherty herself reuses packaging when sending clients their photos. She is also an advocate of the digital medium which cuts back on waste and uses only rechargeable batteries.

With so much focus on being sustainable, coupled with the gorgeous work Flaherty produces, she is quickly becoming a sought after photographer in New Hampshire and beyond.


What makes us green?

  • Uses the greenest methods of travel possible including public transportation, carpooling, hiking and biking.
  • Uses rechargable batteries for her cameras.
  • Takes advantage of digital media to reduce product waste.
  • Encourages clients to stay local for their weddings and avoid traveling.
  • Asks clients to consider "Green Weddings" - incorporating recycled materials or reusing decorations - if they must travel long distances.
  • Uses printing labs that offer recycled materials and eco-packaging.
  • Reuses boxes and wrapping paper to send prints to clients.
  • Uses travel photography to showcase our world's natural beauty and inspire those who see her photos to preserve the environment.

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