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Green Story

Jenaly is not your typical IT firm. Founded on the principal of providing affordable IT solutions for businesses big and small, Jenaly has further separated itself from the field by making an admirable and very real commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. Understanding that IT, by its very nature, demands a significant amount of resources, Jenaly is striving to curtail its environmental impact by: providing systems management services which drastically reduce the amount of energy your computers use; effective document management which reduces the amount of paper required by an individual, business or firm, with the ultimate goal of one day becoming 100% digital themselves; utilizing “solid ink” technologies which are far more environmentally friendly and far less wasteful; as well as promoting extensive recycling and remote / telecommuting business strategies both for themselves as well as for their clients.

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What makes us green?

  • Consults businesses and provides IT solutions which require far less electricity
  • Advocates for the increased digitizing of documents – both in their offices as well as those of their clients
  • Promotes new and dynamic “solid ink” technologies
  • Promotes heavily a commitment to recycling and, more importantly, reducing the use of paper through increased digital capacity
  • Has added a new “green” tab to website to educate visitors on the greening of the technology sector


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